Fling by Chance


Walking in her world of darkness,
Consciously taking it in,
The pain shall remain,

Steps of never ending lust,
Holding it all in,
As some drips from her bust,

One taste and he wants it,
Yet he cannot,
as his own heart
is sewn together
from falling apart,

She continues to walk,
In her own world of darkness,
As she hoped to find her match,
Which was only a fling by chance…


Love to Darkness


She has a closed heart,
Allowing a chosen few,
The key of love to darkness,

Closed up for the world to see,
Blinding for they can be,
Why not?
Not all deserve she,

Once open, you hold the key,
Love abounds her soul,
You’ll never be left alone,
As her soul is now shown,

Closed as she wishes,
Her love can be poison,
One drip of liquid,
She shall wrap around,

Not all can appreciate,
No need to force grounds,
They are not ready,
The love of abounds,

Doors shut close,
Now wandering about,
In her own black hole,
Where her key will now hold…..

©Cami*Star 2015


I’ve grown so much…


I’ve grown so much within the last 10 years, it’s amazing. I mean, even the person I was a year ago isn’t who I am today. Ten years ago, if you asked me what I wanted in a man, I would have said:

Someone with a car, a house, a good job, financially stable and someone who will wine and dine me.

Wow, that amazes me. How superficial I was. But I am not alone in that type of Ego, selfish, materialistic way of thinking! We are brought up to “think” that we need items to be happy, but this is so far from the truth! If you break down to the core of our hearts, all these materialistic items can never make us happy.

Today, I asked myself what I really want in a man. I surprised myself when I compared what I wanted ten years ago to today.

What I really want in a significant other is:

A man who will love unconditionally, a man with kindness and compassion. I don’t care how much or how little  money you have, I don’t care if you have a car or not. I don’t care how big or little your house is. I do care if you respect your mom and dad, you are careful with your words, and how positive you live your life.

At the end of the day, I want a companion. I want someone who will wipe my tears when I’m sad and run with me when I’m happy. I want a man who will protect me from the scariness of this world. I want someone I can hold at night and wake up to messy hair. My wants today are so simple yet straight from the core of my heart.

And this is when I truly realized how much I’ve grown as an individual and I look forward to growing more.

©camistar 2015