Mind is on rhyme


I know I am happy and at peace when my mind is always on rhyme!  I cannot get out of these lines, I rhyme all the time!  My mind!  All the time!  Is it just me or are there more out there that can see?  See the beauty to be.  To be is like a tree, to stand tall and be free!  I can roam and roam in this world, can you see?  I don’t know, tell me, tell me, are you just like me?

If your like me, tell me, so I can set you free!  Free from corruption, degrade and unworth!  Be free like me, as tall as a tree!  Trees can see, did you know that Mr. Bee?  Oh these Bees, they love to be.  Honey is made from the depths of their veins, crazy, that sounds insane!

I know I am happy and peace when my mind is on rhyme!  I cannot get out of these lines, I rhyme all the time!  My mind!  All the time!  I shall go now, so I can be free with the bees in the wind, no, no, this is not a sin!  Sins of love, all from above?  All from above, this being is seeing with all my souls love.




Radiating Beauty



The truth of the matter is that we all have a C-H-O-I-C-E-! If you want to sit and wallow is your own misery, THAT IS YOUR C-H-O-I-C-E. WE all go through pain and problems, but it is how we deal with them! Those who choose to accept their walk of life are much happier because they can move on and be happy. The next time you see someone with radiant eyes and a kind heart, remember that they have not lived a “perfect” life, but they have chosen to live a radiant life not the pitter patter if bleakness and hate!

Mighty Lives must strive to Fly


While some awaken to the smell of coffee brewing,

Lost in the their own world of self-fulfilling persuing,

There she lays in her man-made home,

Thankful for a glimpse of today’s God-like renewing,

Her sun, S-U-N, shall never stop controlling,

Every early morning wooing.

While some struggle with their outer appearance,

Thousands spent on beautification,

There he stands, grateful for health today!

Alive, hungry for a fillet filled with faraway prays.

It is not about our outer shell, he ponders in his self-made dwell,

Instead on internal soul happiness to increase our cells!

While you walk to school TODAY, freely, happy with security,

Live gratefully that you are not racially PROFILED!

About FIVE-HUNDRED innocents never made it!

They never made it due to the color of their outer layer,

Layers of human flesh that is conspicuously lied to the human eye!

Why? Why? Why?

Because human eyes lie!

We are all wise, whether we dwell in a costly home or man-made,

Whether our souls are strong or we rely on our beautiful shell,

It does not matter what color our outer flesh sells,

What matters is what expels at the expense of our selves!

As the famous MLK stated, Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness”


Written by Cami*Star

MLK inspired 2015