Cultural Breath


I am one,
One with you,
One with them,
You are my heart,
my soul,
my essence,
You are the breath I breath….

You lived in a world of equality,
All were respected,
All were loved,
All were beings with our
Mother Earth,

Today, in my world
We live in dysfunction,
Most are not respected,
Most don’t even love themselves,
Most beings do not realize the
Beauty of our Mother Earth,

As you left one by one,
You left your last breath,
A breath that holds the secrets
To our cultura,
Your breath has given me life,
You are the beauty of
my thumping heart,
Thumping of life,
Blood flowing,
My ancestral liquids pumping throughout every inch of my soul.

You have given me the strength that held all together,
Tears of frustration have turned into tears of compassion,
The hands that pressed the maza are now the hands that mold
my own world,
You had strength to keep
your family strong knitted,
You had so much love, kindness, compassion that it spewed
over onto our land,

You were beautiful Aztecas,
With a sense of self that has
been lost amongst this new world,
You had a natural beauty that did not need false body parts to be beautiful,
You have given us a part of your
beauty, it is just so washed out that it is challenging for some to see….

I am one,
One with you,
One with them,
You are my heart, my soul, my essence,
You are the breath I breath….

Your breath left upon our cultural world flows within my world,
Your native knowledge has flourished within my growth,
I can see through your eyes,
I can see the bigger picture,
A picture that you once held onto,
A world you had hoped would be bestowed amongst us…..


The truth,
This world,
The greed,
They broke us down to the
point where we don’t even know
where we have come from,

We are not White,
Yet are in fact brown,
We are not Mexican,
Yet are in fact so,
We are “American” born,
Yet what is that?

Mexica is what we are!
Mixed with our Native roots
with a dash of Spaniard blood,

They came and reached deep into our cultura, took a piece and burried it
Under our land,
Yet your breath has kissed
us upon our Mexica souls,
We shall fight for what was once ours,
Our roots that hold truth to our souls,

Your breath has spoken,
I stand tall with all of you,
I command with the
compassionate heart you
have given me,
I stand with the wisdom that
we are all warriors,
Our strong womyn and men of our cultura are warriors,
Our children are warriors,

We are all warriors of our own


Sunny Morning Words….


Every sunny morning, I would awaken to your beautiful words,

There you were lavishing me with petals of love,

Your kind heart spilled out in front of me to walk over the puddles of distress in this world,

You were the one all girls crave….


She is an Acronym


Cunningly Cute is she, catty can be, but only her mind can see all that can be free……

Authentically Ambitious and rightfully so, how can she not, with all that soul….

Mechanically Marvelous with a twinkle in her eye, laughing all night, all without a mic….

Interestingly Intelligent with ideas on mind, although not always from the beginning of time…..

Lioness of Loudness as her roars pour out, don’t make a sound as she will cast out with a pound…..

Lollypop of Life as many have called her, her bubbly smiles make a sweetened treat taste like some bile…..

Earnestly Earthy with her hands in the dirt, not scared of getting dirty or looks or smirks…..

Racingly Ravenous for a thirst of a real world, take the bad out, to give her that burst…..

Utterly Unique, no one compares, although it will take a lot to get
her soul all bare…..

Incredibly Itchy for a thirst of peace making, go ahead, try it and share…..

Zealous for a life full of Zenith at night, when her sight is alive to Zero in on her life with all her might……




It’s funny how some think you are so strong! But being strong can only last so long……

She broke. She finally broke. …

She is the strong one, holding everyone’s glue together, but what about her own soul?

Oh, her soul!

Taking care of two beautiful girls all on her own! No daddy around although she is so bold! Daily clatter in one ear and out the other just to survive! Screeching whines all for one tiny sharing crime! Oh the joys of motherhood yet insanity of holding it up alone. How can she get one to bring up her grades, the other to learn her ABC’s while trying to grow on her own!

Oh, her soul!

She’s tired! She’s fucken tired of this game called life!

She just wants to lay on a bed of white and relax with the moon and stars, but apparently this is not such a store. Instead, she wakes up before the crack of dawn getting ready for her daily grind.

Making breakfast for all to ensure her girls have a strong brain for the day. Making lunch to ensure to stay within the budget. Reminding the older one to brush her hair, brush her teeth, while screaming in her head with annoyance that this child does not get it! Rushing the little one to wake up and get dressed while sadness hits her heart that she can’t be home with her sweet tod. Instead she must drop her off from dawn till dusk just to make that buck!  How many fucken emotions can one deal with so early in the morn!

Oh, her soul!

Out the door for only 5 when the little one runs away with tears in her eyes. She holds in her tears, takes her precious loves to school, while meditating to work to try to keep it together.

Some days are good, some are grand some not so my bad. But today she finally broke…….

She broke just for a millisecond…..

Speak of Love….


Why do so many speak of love as a sense of suicide or mortality?

I choose not to take my life as I want to experience your beautiful soul.  If you shall walk away from our magnetic vibes then I shall continue to live happily as I was able to experience such true happiness.

I do not want to live a life of mortality as I want to enjoy each and every encounter, each and every second, each day, each moment with your…..

Kind soul,
Comforting embraces,
Hot kisses,
Passionate heart,
Sexy arms,
Positive vibe,