Monthly Archives: June 2012

Run as Fast as you CAN…..


We have all been down that road, we don’t want to be on

It’s like a jungle of a mess

You can see the light, you can see the sea, but your stuck


Your not literally, stuck!

all you have to do is walk

But walking HURTS

My legs hurt

My feet hurt

But we have to keep walking


Nothing feels worse than being tied up by that rope

It strangles you

It  holds you down

Yet, the rope is emotionless

It has no idea how much pain it is putting you through

You know this

You can’t get mad at it

You can’t strangle it

All you can do is run




Run as fast as you can!

Yet, you put your own self in this jungle

You could have ran away a long time ago

You could be in clear field right now

But like all challenging things, there was always a good moment

A moment where you and that crazy rope had laughs

A moment when both of you were swinging high in the sky

But it’s all gone

Your strangled

You just have to run

It hurts

Some may feel physical pain

The pain of a body part pulsating

It physically hurts

Others may feel soulful pain

It will heal

You just have to run and overcome

You lied Mr. Rope

You are a liar

You are not as pure of  you think

Your strangling me

I hurt

Your fine

I need to….


The Unknown


Today is a very SPECIAL DAY.

One year ago, I laid on my couch.

I sat, enjoying the cool breeze brisking into my living room.

I looked around my cottage and saw nothing but stillness.

The stillness held a future that was unknown.

The unknown is scary, yet beautiful at the same time.

Today is a very SPECIAL DAY.

I felt that punch.

It felt stronger, stronger, and stronger.

Was it happening?

I laid, looking around, looking at the universe.

I wondered.

Is it time?

I was scared.

I did not know what my future what hold.

I breathed.

I shed a tear.

I longed for him to do this with me,

He was gone!

He did not want anything to do with it.

Punch. Kick. Scream.

More. More. More.

It was time!

I had to go.

I was alone.

The universe had a plan for me and I went with it.

I got there.

I was safe.

She was coming.

I was scared.

I breathed.

I knew it would all be okay.

I went under.

Under the knife.



What is to come?

She arrived!

The unknown!

Here it is!

I heard her.

A roar of a cry was expelled.

It sounded like a wounded cat,

But she was alive.

I was alive.

I did it.

I saw her.

I smiled.

I cried tears of joy.

She was beautiful!

Blonde Hair.

Brown Eyes.


And my journey began with the most beautiful baby in June 2011.

Maya Star and that is who you are!

Happy Birthday to my cupcake!

We made it to one year and I know all the years to come will be nothing, but joy.