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Time and Time and Time


Time drags as the pain arises,
Arising as my heart pumps,
Pumping as if it shall burst.

Lies, lies are all we are,
Truth has no sense,
The light diminishes,
Darkness creeps further,

Time is still,
Time go fast,
Take me away, far away to the grey.

You took a bite,
A bite full of dust,
We are spread apart now,
Into thin air,

Time, time, please heal the soul,
Darkness arises
There are no light surprises.

I took a handful of your sand,
Your grains creep down my palms,
Further and further they depart.

Time, time, go away,
Take the grains away with your day.


This time does not care,
Go away and leave me bare!


Take it with you,
All moments of tears.



Time go faster as I am drenched….
Time go faster as I am crushed….
Time go faster as I am ambushed…..
Time go faster as I am flushed…..

Time go!
Time leave!
Time be gone!

Nothing Nice


Life is full of splendor,
Life can be hateful,
You can be joyful
And you can be spiteful.

You taste like honey,
You taste like sour lemons,
You can taste sweet
And you can taste tart.

You smell like roses,
You smell like foul garbage,
You can smell beautiful,
And you can smell rancid.

You sound charming,
You sound ear piercing,
You can sound chirping,
And you can sound loud.

I am beyond you,
You are so hateful,
I am the beauty,
You are the grim…..

The Dreadful Death


I am dead
I am darkened by your dark sky.

You are dreadful,
You are dreaded by all cries.

I am the rotten pillar that fell apart,
I am deceased by the fallen storm.

Take me,
Find me,
No refuge,
No hope.

Find me.
Fault me.
Catch me.
Love me.

I am dying,
Crushed to the bone.
Death awaits.

Find me.
Shoot me.

You are forgiven,
You are the death of my heart.

Crush me.
Love me.
Hate me.

I am dead
Darkness creeps upon me.

Death arises,
Surround sounds of black trumpets
Charcoal flavors around,
Smells of corpses.

All else is gone.

Death is gone….

Death is here…


Dreadful Dying

Love Sucks


Love sucks

I opened my heart to you,
I welcomed you into my world!

It was beautiful.
You were beautiful,
We were beautiful.

But love sucks.

I gave you my time,
You wanted more.
I gave you my love,
You needed more.
I gave you my heart,
But it was never good enough.

Love sucks.

I love you,
I did all I could for you.
I cared for you,
But now it’s all gone.

Love sucks.

I only wish you the best,
I have nothing but love for you.

Cheers to Love Sucks



Dearest Grim,

You won once again! 

The girl.  That girl! 

You know which girl!

 She has been gone way too long!  He had her!  He is still trying to hold on to her!  He had his dark claws on the pad of her shoulder!  He slowly sank into her beautiful, loved heart. 

He walked past her and she saw a glimmer in his eye.  She could not be fooled.  Not again!  She took his hand.  He was in disguise.  Who would think a beautiful feeling could actually be Grim. 

Fuck you Grim, you tricked her again.  He sank deeper and deeper into her soul.  You had her believing this love was true.  But you, YOU Grim, you do not bring love, you bring nothing, but pain.  You bring needles that pain your body as if your in shock. 

You bring head poundings as if you drank for a week straight and tried to sober up.

You brings hot tears as if volano blood were flowing to burn her heart.

You had her flowing with bubbles of love.  You had her believing that her Angel finally appeared.  But it was not long till she started to see the Grim in disguise. 

The poor heartful soul began to feel hurt like a sea shell cracking.  Her heart began dying.  Her confidence began to lower as is lowering into her own plot.  Her heart was whole, her heart is always whole.  She is kind.  She is a beautiful angel, but now her heart began to feel pain. 

She awoke one day and realized, this is NOT love.  This is not kindness.  She ran away.  She ran to the closest bush to get away.  But there was still that speck of hope she held onto because she has that type of golden heart.  She went back with hope.

This time, it was nothing nice.  It was rotten.  The love had turned brown like a rotten banana.  She yearned for the first glimse she had three months ago.  But it has been a nightmare. 

She awoke.  She realized it is a nightmare!  Fuck you grim,  you entered into her heart and soul once again. 

She is back.  Her heart might need some mending, but that is okay, hearts mend with TLC. 

She will write again.  She will fight you.  She kicked your ass, she is not afraid of you. 

Stay the Fuck away and Don’t Come Back!!!

Grim, I know you enjoy the dark pain you bring upon souls. 

She is gone.  She cannot be found.  She turned the page, you are no where to be found. 

Yours trully,

The Golden Angel





Dearest Grim: