Monthly Archives: May 2013

One step closer….


It only takes one step to get closer to the truth. 

It only takes one step to get closer to the sun.

It only takes one step to get closer to healing.

Take that step!



It feels good!

I thought I would never get out of my dark hole.  

It wasn’t even a hole. 

It was a small ditch.

I loved and lost.

It happens to us all.

Once I kept going forward, everyday got better.

I love my life. 

It is like a flower. 

If you do not water it, it will not grow. 

Water  your flower!

Give yourself some sun.

You may not see your roots sprouting today or tomorrow, but it will if you keep watering. 



Everything grows with a little water, sun and time ❤

I await you…


One day, you will be awaiting me.

You will be standing there, looking around as I have. 

You will have the spiritual heart as I do.

You will know the pain, but also the pleasure.

You will feel the love of life.

You will live to love as I do. 

You will be free, free with the wind.

I await you. 

I will enjoy my world until you come. 

I know you are out there.  

You have a good heart just like me. 

You are beautiful. 

I await. 

Until then, I walk my trail.

I love my life. 

I love my world. 

Until then, I hope you are breathing in my air.

I breath it in and out as I wait……