Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sun. Shining. Slinking. Stars.

Sun. Shining. Slinking. Stars.

Sunny days are shining bright.
Dark skies are far from light.
Sun. Shining. Slinky. Stars.

Laughing like lilika lillies.
Creepying crawlers are far from flight.
Sun. Shining. Slinky. Stars.

Tingling touches-tempting tonight.
Sneaky snakes are far from height.
Sun. Shining. Slinky. Stars.

Happy, haunting thoughts of thou,
Taunting teeth are far from site.
Sun. Shining. Slinky. Stars.

Sunny days are shining bright!
Sunken shadows are far, far, from light.
Silly smiles are here tonight.
Sun. Shining. Slinky. Stars.



I flew by, not paying attention to my wondrous view.
A vision in the corner of my eye, not knowing what lies ahead.
There it stood, the gem I once adored.

I flew by, un-amused by the typical road.
Sounds peering through the drums.
There it stood, the eyes, I once knew.

My eyes gleamed, yet the heart did not respond.
The gem that once was, is gone-long gone.

I smirked, I smiled, smitten with glee.
Flying away knowing, he is still, still at bay.



It is a new year. 

New beginnings once again.

I have been gone for a long 5 months. 

That is half a year.  What happened?  Where did the time go?

Life grabbed me, it put me back into perspective.

My children warranted me. They needed me.  They took up all my time.

My life had been surrounded by that thing we call work!

Life encompassed me, while I tried to stay afloat the wild, wondrous Ocean.

But, it is a NEW YEAR! 

Even though, us single parents get caught up in our crazy worlds, we STILL NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.

So, going forward, even though I had a 5 month hiatus, I am back.

I am refreshed. I am rejuvenated. 

I have goals. I have BIG goals. 

Even though, I am a single mother, who is constantly busy,

I will stop and take some time for ME.

Last year was pretty darn good to me.

This year, I expect it to be much better.

So, cheers to stepping out of last year.

Cheers, to stepping forward into our new 2014  year.

Cheers to stepping into a beautiful world, filled with laughing children, filled with a feeling of accomplishments, a feeling of internal love.

Cheers to putting all negative energy into a ball and throwing it into the world to dissipate into nothing.

Cheers to being in the present moment.

Cheers to you and Cheers to me!