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Teeth Clenching Love


Tied down to my world of two,
Heart fearing for all they do,
Tears of joy from little words,
“I love you” as they blow in through….

Heart tension from the needy two,
Blown apart for all they do,
Smiles of joy and laughter of love
Yes, yes, that will do!

Clinging fingers up my tired spine,
Screaming voices is all I find,
Hearts full of love, I can’t complain,
Innocence built on my tireless mind.

What would I do, without you two?
Life would be amazing, but sorry too!
Driving me nuts, is what you do,
But loving you, will continue through.

As time passes, days get better,
You learn to obey and play in good weather,
As much as it pains me to be your mother,
I am so grateful, this life with you.

Parents go through, trials and triumphs,
Being your parent is nothing to screw,
You were sent my way, by the gardens of eve,
I will love you forever and I shall let it be…

I was chosen to be this wondrous Mum,
It is teeth clenching, but worth all the hums!
This life is worth more, than you’ll ever know!
The ridden is here, the triumphs are trialed,

And, I love you two my wonderful dears!
I will love you today, tomorrow and forever all my days!!

Dress and Feminism


Do you know what a feminist is?
Do you know what feminism is?
Do you know what equality is?
Do you know how to empower each other?

I think NOT!
Some of you have it,
Some of you do not.

What is wrong with people?
What is wrong with our society?
It sickens me….

Yesterday, on Americas, “day of love”, I viewed a post that showed a women wearing a tight, body hugging, red dress.

The owner of the post, made a rude comment, “Don’t be this girl, Put captions here!”



In 2014, yes, people still think like this!

Who cares what she is wearing! She obviously felt good in her gear, so this is why she wore it!

Men stated comments such as, “Instant chorizo”, “trying to appeal to the moo cow”. DISGUSTING! This is a perfect example of parents having to teach children right from wrong. We need to love all humans, whether they are female, male, trans-gender, gay, lesbian, thin, heavy, skinny or over-weight. Who cares what humans look like on the outside?

Really people? The outside of our bodies is just a shell. What matters is our souls, the inside where our fire lives.

So many of you men and women need to grow up, mature and accept all as they are. Until then, we will continue to breed children who will lack self-esteem, confidence and empowerment.

Do you want to know what is even more sickening? Are you ready for this?
There were even women, females, ladies who were bashing this red dressed lady! Comments such as, “Oh no you didn’t!”, “she must have been drunk when she was getting ready!”, “she’s like I can still shop in the miss teen section they don’t have mirrors”.


Amazing how quick males and females are to bashing each other, but how would they feel if people were saying that about them?

All I have to say is, when people say negative things about others, that is really how the feel about themselves inside. Yeah, it could have been funny, it could have been a joke. But joke about something else, because the way females view themselves NOW, is a horrible epidemic of negativity.

I will continue to empower myself, other womyn and my daughters. Because if one person can empower you, it may be a domino effect.

Whether you are female or male or however you classify yourself, love yourself from within. If you do not like the way you look on the outside, first work on loving yourself from the inside. Once you can love yourself from within, then you will begin to see what a beautiful person you are.

If you want to change the way your outside shell looks, once you feel good from within, this will be easy. It will be easier to get out and walk, to go for a hike or work out. It will be easier to eat healthy. Because when we love ourselves from within, we will not be putting horrible things into our bodies.

The point is, love yourself. But also love others and don’t judge. You never know what the other person is thinking or feeling.

Empower one another instead of bashing each other.

Wishful Thinking.


Love day. Boo-Hoo.

Why can’t it be everyday?

It can, It can, but you cannot cram.

Love is forever,

Love is so true,

Love is today and forever in days.

Embrace what you have,

Today is long gone,

Love all your days and the spirits will come.

Awaken your heart, your soul and your mind!

Love today for tomorrow may not stay.

Love for the matter, the issue or talk,
Love always, not just today!
I’ll say it again because I can!
Love always, not just….
Love always, not…..
Love always….

Love Always


Night falls, my eyes awaken,

Time lapse is all i need,

Smell of death is near and close.

Night falls, my wings spread out,

Opening of my veins awaken my heart,

Smell of corpses is near and close.

The moon arises, my senses alert,

Claws tingling out of my palms,

Teeth sharpening, making their mark,

Head turns left, the sight of night,

Then,turns right fright is near.

Heart pumping, beads dropping,

Blood flowing, fingers tapping,

Night falls, you are near,

Dreaded drath is all I hear.

You are born into this death,

Heart pounding,

Lungs breathing,

stomach gurgling,

He awaits you,

The death of all,

Always hiding behind those walls 

Dark Night

Down and Out


Down and out-out again,

Here we go, low to the blow.

You come and go, I just don’t know,

Stay away, away at bay.

Down and out-here again,

Lonely days, you just dont know, 

Go away, please don’t stay.

Down and out-over and out

You will, fade away,

You will go, go away

Lonely days are not here to stay!