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I trusted you,
I liked you,
I believed in you,
I enjoyed you,

When I was with you,
It was heavenly,

The arms,
The kisses,
The touches,
The talks,

When I was with you,
It was art,

Words are words,
Actions are actions,
You go with the flow,
Or you do not,

The flow has stopped,
Words were words,
Actions were actions,
The flow has stopped.

Memories will last,
I am glad we did,
It was fun,
My dear, dear, friend.


She will talk your ear off, 

Yet silence portrays her, 

She will laugh day in and day out,

Yet be deeply sorrowed when alone,

She will smile like her world is alive,

Yet will frown with the toughness of the world,

She will live a free life,

Yet also feel stuck,




Deep Night,

She is awake,
Yet dead,
She is running,
Yet stagnant,

If you truly know her,
You know her.
If you don’t,
then you don’t.

She is a Gem
And also I.

Gem and I

Night Time-Nightmare


“As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, If I die before I wake………..”

As night creeps upon our world,

I look forward to resting my tireless head unto my bed,

awaiting sweet dreams full of lusciousness and candy!

Here I go, falling into my deep slumber,

One Sheep, Two Sheep, Three Sheep, OUT!

I am now walking into the spirit world-my world of unconsciousness.

Looking forward to sweet dreams,

Instead, a death star marked by death has decided to visit.

There it stood, faceless, voiceless and soulless!

I walk in my dream looking for beauty,

instead “IT” follows my every step,

My shadow of death!

It has decided to come and take a visit along my walk of unconsciousness!

Why? Oh-Why? Oh-Why?

I cling to my sheets, aware that I am in a dream or night terror shall I say.

Paralyzed, unable to move as I try to escape!

Laying in my chambers,

Heart Palpations begin to rise,

as its powerful energy moves closer and closer,

Unable to speak as I try to yell out “HELP!”,

Helplessness only brings upon sweat beading down my chest.

Footsteps get louder as it gets closer,


My mind yells out, yet the words are frozen, unable to flow!

Slathered is sweat, it won’t go away!

Frightened to my bones as if death finally won a soul!

Drowning in my own sweat, drenched of fear!

No more laughter, no smiles or candy dreams!

A prisoner of death, of fear am I.

YOU are a dark spirit looking for tears!

I despise you! I shall win this fight!

Maybe not tonight, but soon, there shall be no more fright!





I awaken in a panic of dampness,

I look around and realize you are gone!

Gone for now.

Be gone, you Night Time-Nightmare of Hell!


I let you in


I opened my world, 

To you, to you and you.

I have been closed till now,

A shell closed from within, 

Your eyes read my story,

I can see the surprise! 

You said Im crazy,

He said he liked it,

And she said it was fun,

In the end,

I smile today,

As from within,

I let you in,

Just for today.



Poetry Reading


Poetry Reading

My first poetry reading. It was awesome!
It’s funny because I have been writing since I was in high school, which was about 20 years ago!

All of my poems and short stories are in journals. I never told a soul that I wrote. It was my little secret.

Then, three years ago my brother mentioned “wordpress” and told me to write a blog. So I did and have been sharing my poetry with other fellow wordpress bloggers ONLY!

About two years ago, I slowly started to share “some” of my poems with family and friends. It wasn’t until this year, which has been only 3 months that I told myself that I would open myself up to everyone and dive into the world of poetry.

So, here I am on my poetry journey. Today was my first reading. It was hella nerve racking, but I did it! I hope to do more and get more involved in this genre!!

For my fellow followers, thank you, thank you for taking a second out of your life to read my poems.

I appreciate all of y’all!!

Do you want to live in this wonderous world??


Reposted from my November 2011 Blog. I forgot I wrote this. I have been on this healthy eating, free from drama life for a while now. It is hard to believe that I wrote this 2 years ago. But that is a good thing. Enjoy:

To want to live in the wonderous world is to:
Put you body in pain,

The want puts your emotions on

a high drive of an up and down crane.

The want keeps your children behind

like the orphaned and unwanted.

The want destroys your self-worth

as a criminal does not care.

Is this world really worth all the commotion and pain?

I do not know, I do not know that pain.

But I see you. I see your eyes.

Their full of pain as that up and down crane.

Why do you do it?

Is it all the worth it?

I would rather stay, but that is not for me to say.

I hope for you and hope that our world will one day change.

I love you like a human that wishes you had no pain.

One day, one day, we’ll live in this world,

drama free and free from all pain.