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Bang Bang


In the history of today’s shootings, enjoy this heated song by Le Tigre!

In New York the shooting of another unarmed black man raises further questions about NYPD tactics. On THURSDAY an undercover policeman shot and killed Patrick Dorismond.

Murder is murder
Why’re they confused?
Another man dead
I read it in the news
Who gave them the fucking right
To run around like they own the night?

Oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!

Wrong fucking time
Wrong fucking place
There is no fucking way
This is not about race
Who’s gonna call 9-1-1
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When they can’t tell a wallet
From a mother fucking gun?

Oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!

Bang bang daddy I want you dead
Bang bang daddy get out of my head
Bang bang daddy I want you dead
Bring me Giuliani’s head

Oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!
Oh oh bang! bang!

Lyrics by Le Tigre

Thoughts of a 17- Year- Old



Feel like moving out,

Why is my Grandma making me come home at 1:00 on Formal?

How should I wear my hair for Formal?

How or what should I do about my nails?

I miss my Mom and Dad,

I care for Carlos a lot,

My brother annoys me,

Wish my Grandma didn’t make so much meat for dinner,

How embarrassing, his brother!

I need privacy,

Scared, thinking of the ghost,
How should I cut my hair?

Can’t wait until I’m eighteen!

“Does she think she’s better than all of us?”

Do I look okay?

Need to stop being lazy and start doing my work.

Men are DOGS


Revised to the utmost wonders of the term “dog” and “slut” on gender inequality ideals from our society!

Cami*Star Poetry

Well, well, well.  I got your attention.  What do you know!  Well, what I know, is that in our fumbling of a society, we tend to call each gender names.  Why?  Because both genders; male and female are two completely beings.  We have different agendas when it comes to our lives sexually, emotionally, and in relationships.  

Women have been called bitch, whore, slut, tramp, drama queen and I am sure you can add more to that list.  Is it degrading?  Hell yeah!  

Men on the other hand really only have a few degrading names, such as dog and asshole.  

Here we are in our universal world, continuing to live in an unequal world.  What I am trying to discuss, is embracing these words if they fit you.  I mean,  being called a “dog” or “asshole” coming from my point of view if not so degrading as being…

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Obverse Siblings


How are we so obverse?

As if ornery upon the planets?

I yearn for life and strive for the preeminent,

Wanting the best, as gaiety is to molliness, 

Yet, you are at war, endowed with your vida……

Obverse are we,

Yet composed of the same DNA,

Containing Carbon-Copy creators,

With palms open wide,

I lay a foundation por ti, 

Supported with thick pieces of lumber,

Held up with prudence, regard and vigilance.

Although the lumber is capable to guide you on your ride, 

You slip, slope, tumble and hide. 

As I continue to strive as an influence,

I awaken as sol takes its dwelling,

Clearing the way for a new and nautical day,

There you lay in your own adobe,

Hibernating, unsure of the meagerness  of your life hunger………

We, obverse, are,

I have a catalyst to rise against the rest,

This is how I am fitted to live among the rest,

But I see you, your passion and intellect, 

Feeble yet capable among your internal motive,

On the striking side, you have allowed your inner parasite to reside,

This lumber for thee, given for free, lays, decaying, rotting and fermenting.

Glancing daily at the look of the lumber,

It is distressful, awakening to your un-want to soar,

I must declare with utmost remorse, 

the once strong lumber is now week, feeble and flimsy,

unable to support the essence of lethargy that is living in your veins, 

How is it, we originate from the same nucleic acid?

We are components of Universal fragments-protons and neutrons, 

Inside the same with different agendas. 

Moving forthwith, I send my utmost wish,

You find peace with your malignant spirit, 

You truly you have the ability to find your own lumber to put allegiance in. 

Obverse yet equivalent,

You are not as deviating as I, 

I succumbed and have the utmost assent you shall too, 

Creating the planets to be comparable as the same. 


Love. Hate. World.


Love is peace,
Love is FREEDOM, 
Love is free choice,
The opposite of today’s voices.
Hate is bloodshed,
Hate is Isis killing Christians!
Hate is inequalities, 
Hate is making choices for women,
Hate is you,
Hate is me,
Hate is NONEXISTENT if you…
Sum it,
Suck it up,
Tuck it up,



STOP Fucking up!



pills. drugs. addiction


Do THEY know what THEY have done?

I am sure THEY do!

THEY turn their heads,

Glued from the truth,

Money coming in,

THEY don’t give a fuck,

About you!

As long as your hooked,

You’ll keep coming back,

It’s whack!


And then,

They say,

We have to fight the war on drugs!

But what about you?

Huh? All, you men, in blue?

Or white, shall I say?

Scientist making up,

Drugs, to decrease your pain,

Instead, its eating,

Your brains!

Dont you dare,

Take that pill,

That pill down your throat!

You’ll be hooked,

Inside and out!

They got you,

Right were they want you,

Now try to walk away,

You think you can stray?

Night sweats turn into wanting one more,

Your pain comes back,

As if your old and your whack!


Maybe just two?

The doctor says NO!

You have had enough!

Then you whimper,

Into this man-made DISEASE!

You WANT some more,

As if your now an addicted whore!

How can you be!?

When scientist WERE the creators?

Don’t you see?!?

Oh, you can’t,

Cuz, your bleeding,

With envy,

I never took you,

Cuz, in my life,

Boy, i know,

The damn TRUTH!



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live. love. like…hard


I love hard,

Like no other,

Deep, Deep, 

Like the blood,

Flowing through our veins,

I care too much,

About our worlds strife,

Like Lennon who was before,

His time,

You’ll never know,

What it is to be me,

As I’ll never know,

What it is to be you,

But I am true,

Whole hearted,

Warmth and love,

And I am only grateful,

From my main man,

Above. ….