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A friend always to me…..


I had to tell you bye,
Yes bye,
Cuz, if I die,
Shall I say, I can’t lie!
We are both so different yet the same,
I can’t take it, am I to blame?
You love as if caged in a prison cell,
Its there yet hard to reach,
I love as sweet as a fuzzy peach,
I give it away wholly everyday,
You are prisoned by your past pains,
I let go freely and dance happily!
You are quiet,
I am loud,
Your sensitive,
I’m a callused cloud,
I tried cuz I do care,
But tonight I have realized when all bare,
You are entrapped by your own mind,
I cry from the pain you try to hide,
I can feel the hurt,
So, I have to say good-bye,
My friend, I shall always respect,
Lovers, it can’t be, it will get wrecked,
As you see, I am a floater and you encaged.
I wish I could take all your pain and crush it to pieces, but that’s not my job as you see.
I shall let you be to figure out what needs to be let go,
Because that really is not for me to know,


Hopes and love I have only for you,
but I need to fly to my mighty high and I can’t be pulled down by those sighs,
Two different world’s we are today,
But my friend
My sweet friend,
My dear friend,
YOU shall always be
Always to me……

Mind is on rhyme


I know I am happy and at peace when my mind is always on rhyme!  I cannot get out of these lines, I rhyme all the time!  My mind!  All the time!  Is it just me or are there more out there that can see?  See the beauty to be.  To be is like a tree, to stand tall and be free!  I can roam and roam in this world, can you see?  I don’t know, tell me, tell me, are you just like me?

If your like me, tell me, so I can set you free!  Free from corruption, degrade and unworth!  Be free like me, as tall as a tree!  Trees can see, did you know that Mr. Bee?  Oh these Bees, they love to be.  Honey is made from the depths of their veins, crazy, that sounds insane!

I know I am happy and peace when my mind is on rhyme!  I cannot get out of these lines, I rhyme all the time!  My mind!  All the time!  I shall go now, so I can be free with the bees in the wind, no, no, this is not a sin!  Sins of love, all from above?  All from above, this being is seeing with all my souls love.




Radiating Beauty



The truth of the matter is that we all have a C-H-O-I-C-E-! If you want to sit and wallow is your own misery, THAT IS YOUR C-H-O-I-C-E. WE all go through pain and problems, but it is how we deal with them! Those who choose to accept their walk of life are much happier because they can move on and be happy. The next time you see someone with radiant eyes and a kind heart, remember that they have not lived a “perfect” life, but they have chosen to live a radiant life not the pitter patter if bleakness and hate!