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Vision of our Eyes


Our souls are our essence. Our mechanical organs run like a machine every millisecond of the day to keep our blood flowing. Our mind is able to subside as our souls are nourished or contaminated every second of the day. Our eyes can see the beauty or ugliness of our world. What my eyes see and your eyes see may be completely different. When you meet someone who has the same visions as you, don’t ever let them go.



Saturday Meditation


Today’s words, thoughts, and meditation:

Today, take a moment out of your busy life and ask yourself:

1. What are the scents you breath in from the air?
2. How does the scented air expand your awareness?
3. How clean is the air you are breathing in?

Think and remember that the molecular air that we are breathing in are the same ones that have been circulating the Earth from the beginning of time. These are the same molecules that Buddha, Christ, Vishnu, Allah, and all other Gods and Goddesses have engulfed. They were all mighty and you can be almighty as well. All you have to do is



Cultural Breath


I am one,
One with you,
One with them,
You are my heart,
my soul,
my essence,
You are the breath I breath….

You lived in a world of equality,
All were respected,
All were loved,
All were beings with our
Mother Earth,

Today, in my world
We live in dysfunction,
Most are not respected,
Most don’t even love themselves,
Most beings do not realize the
Beauty of our Mother Earth,

As you left one by one,
You left your last breath,
A breath that holds the secrets
To our cultura,
Your breath has given me life,
You are the beauty of
my thumping heart,
Thumping of life,
Blood flowing,
My ancestral liquids pumping throughout every inch of my soul.

You have given me the strength that held all together,
Tears of frustration have turned into tears of compassion,
The hands that pressed the maza are now the hands that mold
my own world,
You had strength to keep
your family strong knitted,
You had so much love, kindness, compassion that it spewed
over onto our land,

You were beautiful Aztecas,
With a sense of self that has
been lost amongst this new world,
You had a natural beauty that did not need false body parts to be beautiful,
You have given us a part of your
beauty, it is just so washed out that it is challenging for some to see….

I am one,
One with you,
One with them,
You are my heart, my soul, my essence,
You are the breath I breath….

Your breath left upon our cultural world flows within my world,
Your native knowledge has flourished within my growth,
I can see through your eyes,
I can see the bigger picture,
A picture that you once held onto,
A world you had hoped would be bestowed amongst us…..


The truth,
This world,
The greed,
They broke us down to the
point where we don’t even know
where we have come from,

We are not White,
Yet are in fact brown,
We are not Mexican,
Yet are in fact so,
We are “American” born,
Yet what is that?

Mexica is what we are!
Mixed with our Native roots
with a dash of Spaniard blood,

They came and reached deep into our cultura, took a piece and burried it
Under our land,
Yet your breath has kissed
us upon our Mexica souls,
We shall fight for what was once ours,
Our roots that hold truth to our souls,

Your breath has spoken,
I stand tall with all of you,
I command with the
compassionate heart you
have given me,
I stand with the wisdom that
we are all warriors,
Our strong womyn and men of our cultura are warriors,
Our children are warriors,

We are all warriors of our own


She is an Acronym


Cunningly Cute is she, catty can be, but only her mind can see all that can be free……

Authentically Ambitious and rightfully so, how can she not, with all that soul….

Mechanically Marvelous with a twinkle in her eye, laughing all night, all without a mic….

Interestingly Intelligent with ideas on mind, although not always from the beginning of time…..

Lioness of Loudness as her roars pour out, don’t make a sound as she will cast out with a pound…..

Lollypop of Life as many have called her, her bubbly smiles make a sweetened treat taste like some bile…..

Earnestly Earthy with her hands in the dirt, not scared of getting dirty or looks or smirks…..

Racingly Ravenous for a thirst of a real world, take the bad out, to give her that burst…..

Utterly Unique, no one compares, although it will take a lot to get
her soul all bare…..

Incredibly Itchy for a thirst of peace making, go ahead, try it and share…..

Zealous for a life full of Zenith at night, when her sight is alive to Zero in on her life with all her might……