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Dear Me


Dearest Me,

I am writing to let you know that I love you as much as the sun shines upon our world. You are a beauty made of molecules filled with kindness and love. Although you have your days, I will hold tight even when your thoughts race to the dark side. My love for you is unconditional as it should be. I will always have your back while you go through both worlds. Always remember to smile and allow the Universe to sprinkle you with its cosmic powerful rays as it heals your dead ends.


Your Truly,

Your heart, mind and soul

Bits and Pieces


He held onto bits and pieces of her true soul. He can smell her high when she is on top of the world. Jumping and floating around her beautiful world. He can feel the dark clouds when they are covering her up with a blanket of darkness. He can smell the ever ending pouring of her rain drops.

He can see how big her heart is and how much love she spews out. He desperately wants to hold her golden heart. He wants to feel her unconditional love. All he wants is for her eyes to see his own love.

Instead he watches her fall. He can sense the love she has for “him”.
Takes over his essence.

He tells her she deserves the world! She deserves all the love in the world. He affirms the fact that he knows her true soul and all he wants is her.

But her heart belongs to him. To the man who can never love her. To the man who can never be hers.

And they both walk away suffering…..




I used to think that falling in love was a beautiful world to be in. Later did I find out that it’s a drug that will keep you so high that you’ll get dumber and dumber only to crash when you no longer have your drug of choice.



Slowly, carcasses rise on the eve on the fullest of fullest of moons,
Searching for sunken souls to devour. To taste. To energize with.

She has a smile that lights up a room, but her soul is full of your worse dark nightmares. Locked rooms in that mind of hers is full of moans. Doors are sealed with the death of him.

They can feel her deep pain, snail crawling toward her dark heart, they creep up to have their monthly treat.

She gave up on all the smiles and happiness around her. Without her soulmate, she cares less to go forward in her world. Tears turn into a dark tar that stains her beautiful pale face. She lines her lips with her liner to put on her happy smile, but they crack from a lack of oxygen.

They have taken over. They devour every inch of her. She is gone.

She now walks soulless in this beautiful world. 

Contempt that she no longer has a soul that was once shared with her mate.


-©C*S 2015

We are only Visitors


We all are visitors on this planet we call Earth. We encounter one another with a smile, a handshake or a nod. We may have lovers or friends, but we are only visiting for a short amount of time. Our encounters with one another will always help us grow, so never waste a thought of regret.

Our solar eyes are made of stardust. We can see all the beauty of this world if we choose to. Or we can go through life with a visor over our solar eyes and deny the beauty.


As a visitor, love all, even if they make your guts feel like they are going to rip apart. Remember, it is only a moment of time.

©cami-star 2015

Baffling Thoughts


I feel so lost in this world. It’s like I was born in the wrong era or Universe. I just don’t get people’s hate and anger. It’s baffling to me.

But it’s not just that. I feel so deeply. My heart and soul feels everything! But it just seems like I’m the only one who is like this. I mean, instead of loving thoughts, I get hurtful and annoying words thrown at me. But instead of throwing rocks back, I just stand my ground and then my positive behavior is oblivious to on lookers.

And then there’s the whole part where I  am so open to love. But people have walls up (and yes I do too, but those walls only go up if I get hurt).

What world do I belong in?
It just seems like not this one….


-© 2015

Dark World


They say the dark claws that take over your soul will eventually leave and you’ll end up walking into sunshine.

This is ever so true, but when you are in your dark world….

Slumber is your best friend,
Sunshine feels like 1,000 corpses breathing on you,
Darkness calls you in and
you live for the moonshine,
Sharpened razors sound
like a nice treat,
although they tell you,
“do no retreat”,

How can you NOT fucken retreat
When all you want to do is lie on a bed of black roses, smell in the corpses and hope to either join them or have a glimpse of that ray….


Fling by Chance


Walking in her world of darkness,
Consciously taking it in,
The pain shall remain,

Steps of never ending lust,
Holding it all in,
As some drips from her bust,

One taste and he wants it,
Yet he cannot,
as his own heart
is sewn together
from falling apart,

She continues to walk,
In her own world of darkness,
As she hoped to find her match,
Which was only a fling by chance…