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It wasn’t your weekend get-a-ways,
It was never your non committed stance,
It could never be your straight up lies,
It was the fact that I had so much faith in you.
My faith stood tall against all the warning signs.
And now all my faith has crumbled into tiny pieces of nothingness.
I miss you.
I miss the person I thought you were.
I miss your kisses.
I miss your hugs.
I miss your messy hair.
I miss who I thought you were.



Today, oh you Mr. Today.

Today, my heart can finally feel the missing of your soul,

I feel detached,

Something is missing,

I feel lost,


Where are you?

Yesterday I was strong,

But today, I miss you.

Today I want to run to you and pretend the last month never occurred,

Today, I want to call you just to hear your sexy voice,

Today, I want to collapse and let all my tears roam,

Tears that will roam to you, so you can follow the trail back to my heart,.

Tears that you will dry up,

As the sun sets, so will my tears,

As the moon rises, so will my strength.

Today is only today and tomorrow is tomorrow.



My heart used to light up when I saw the glow of his face.  He truly was MY firecracker.  I put my fire to him and saw him light up.  I looked forward to our dazzling nights.  But that is all it was.

Dazzles at night without any light.

I knew he had love for his little fire cracker yet he never wanted to lite it up, He spent almost every night, picking it up, dazzling it, Yet he just could not put his fire to it.  Was he afraid of the beauty that would light up the room?  Was he afraid of the dazzling that would take over his life?  Or was he simply just not into that firecracker.

The inevitable occurred.  The lights went out.


Two Types of People


There are two types of people in this world….

You will encounter the ones who cannot commit to you yet love you deep down under. They want to live free yet come home to you.

Then there are the ones who open their hearts to you. Who will love you unconditionally. Who will give you 110% of their attention. They show you they love you. They want to come home to you and you only.

The question is, which are you able to live with?

Respect Yourself


I constantly read poems on how one would keep going back to their lovers even after their heart was broken. All for one more kiss. One more hug. One more chance. Fuck that. You break my heart and you’re screwed. I will keep going forward and never look back.

Like the typical saying goes (with my twist). Hurt me once, shame on YOU, Hurt me twice, shame on ME, Hurt me a third time, it’s my damn fault for even allowing a third and now my heart is cold as ice.

It’s all about respecting yourself. Respect yourself enough to not allow another human being to hurt you.