Monthly Archives: September 2015

Time is a Crime


I got so much time
Its just not all mine
I got locked up
Now I’m just a crime

Clock is uh (a) ticking
I can’t stop uh picking
Scars from afar
I’m all torn apart

Night waves hit me
As it always has bit thee
Sleeping creates fees
Broke is now tippees

Rhymes inspired by


Fungus Grinder

©cami*star 2015

On her “A” game


Heals on
Purse on deck
Smile shining
No time for whining….
Jeans tight
Tank on right
Happiness crowning
No time for frowning….
Curls bouncing
Smelling fab
Positive hounding
No time for confounding…

Walking proud
Thinking loud
Into town


Splash of Magic


Is there a magic pill, drink or fairy dust that will enlighten me today? Is there a magic wand that can suck out my dullness and inflate me with sunshine?

I want to whisper all my dark shadows, impatience and dull mood into the magic cup of enlightment.  It will instantly cleanse me from the inside out. I’ll longingly place the magic pill onto my desperate tongue. Bitterness hits my senses as I transform.

As I gulp the magic drink, I will feel the beauty that I’ve seen for days, I will hear the laughter that’s been cornered away. 

But there is not such. There is only one way to fight the dullness that overrides my life.

Fight with all my might,
Allow the natural light to hit my sight…..


©Cami*Star 2015
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Speck of Dust


Most days you are simply a voice in this large world,
Words and phrases reminding me of your sorry soul,

Some days, you are a speck of dust floating through the thick air,
Visions of your brown eyes striking me through my heart,

Other days, like today, you are the missing piece to my soul that your soul had to go and


fuck up.

©Cami*Star 2015