Monthly Archives: October 2015

Curled Lashes


In her slumber she flies near and far, high and low, up and through the clouds,

Sunlight peaks through
her curled lashes as the morning dew begins to drip down her eyes, moistened with kisses from her main man above,


Jaded with fatigue

from dawn to dusk as if all energy flow has been drained out of her flowing brain, her veins fighting to keep up with the hustle and flow,

Moon light strikes the depths of her soul as she is rejuvenated and ready to be spun around,
Jumping with night crickets that come out at night, running with the wolves that shine at midnight….

©Cami-Star 2015

Beware of Cell Phones


Cell phones are the new abductors. It used to be kidnappers and aliens.
It is now a rectangular piece of technology. Are you the next victim or will you fight back just like our parents fought to protect us kids from other dangers?


I choose the latter:

I put my phone away when I eat dinner with my family. When I am at my last breath, I want to remember the laughs and funny snorts coming out of my children’s mouth. I do not want to remember sitting at a table while we all quietly scroll our cell phones.

It’s your choice.
Danger is here!
Beware of cell phones taking over humanity!


Spiritual Awareness


When our minds are conscious, we experience deep spiritual encounters.

True story.

I had a beautiful dream last night where I was hanging out with a few friends. We were all talking about what it would be like if we died. We wondered what the experience is like. Then, I remember I felt sedated. I felt calm. Everything around me started to slowly fade into darkness and I felt beautifully calm.

This is truly a mark of my spiritual awareness. And I’m happy and at peace.


-Cami*Star October 2015