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Last Day of 2015


It is the last day of the new year,
she is supposed to be
“releasing negativity”
to begin a “fresh start”,

Bye Bad People,
Bye Judgments,
Bye Bad Relationships,
Bye Stress,
Bye bad, bad, bad!


She sits,
She ponders,
There is no negativity
in her realm!
What is the big deal?

Her realm is a balance
of ying and yang,
Her darkness is balanced
with light,
Her lack in one area
Is strengthened
with another,


Out with the old:
Bye you, you, and you!

And in with the new:
Hi, Hello, Kisses!

Good Bye 2015. You were great!
Hello 2016!

Happy New Year,

Last post of 2015 (well maybe)

Soul Blogging


There are many different types of humans in this world. I have met lovers of life, liars and those who are stuck in their own darkness. But the individuals we can really see are those who we are intimate with. Intimacy breaks down all walls and we can see their whole soul.

I have to say, throughout my adulthood, regardless of what one may have or have not gone through, I have the utmost respect for the soul that can look at one person and be only about that one person.


That soul is me, but I already respect myself and maybe this is why I respect individuals who can be monogamous.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like we only have one life, we should enjoy it to our fullest potential(s). And when we meet someone we connect with, why not enjoy it and take the beautiful ride?

Not all humans believe in this way of life, but maybe one day, they’ll wake up and see how beautiful one soul can be for them, especially the one soul they connect with.

Until then, the soul that walks next to me is the soul I respect. That soul will get the deepest love I can offer because tomorrow is never promised, so I shall live for today!


Cami*Star 2015

A comedic moment


**Adult Content

A comedic moment that ended up turning into something that was a collaborative free flow short session.


Driving to their nightly destination, engulfed in simple small talk, she thinks of the night they had a week ago and the story is told as such:
She lightly said with a poetic beat in her voice:

We walked down a dark alley, This time we’re in a dark city”

He happily and rhymingly responded with:

“and you went down on ME!!”

And she thought, “huh” “what” “where did THAT come from” as they both laughed it off”

Comedic conversations are the best!

Top 10 ways I grew into who I am TODAY


1. I pray. I pray just about every second of the day. And guess what? My higher power, my Lord, The Universal Laws have NEVER let me down.

2. I read. I cannot go through my day without reading. I read fiction, nonfiction and anything on spirituality. It takes me to another world, it dives into my imagination!

3. I write. I write a minimum of once a day whether it be journaling, poetry or stories. Writing is my therapy. Writing levels me. I have lived without writing and it’s like dark boredom!

5. I have attempted to wean myself from all pharmaceuticals. Our Doctors prescribe, prescribe and prescribe more pills more than ever. One day, I just stopped and it’s funny how all my physical pain just went away.  I used to need to take sleeping pills to sleep, then a pill to wake up, then a pill to stay calm.  I am free from money hungry pill makers and I feel damn good!

6. I wake up thankful for another day. I used to dread waking up. I didn’t want to confront my work day and do the hustle and bustle of the day. It is as simple as being thankful just to be able to open my eyes and have the ability to be alive one more day. It is being grateful.

7. I do NOT take anything personal! Everyone is living their own stories, whatever baggage they carry around is THEIR baggage, not mine! I only take myself personal! It really makes life worth living with a skip in my beat!

8. I live without expectations! I used to have high expectations and had a vision of my future that I wasn’t enjoying what I had right in front of me. Now I live in the present and take life as it comes without any expectations. It is actually fun to have no expectations except to be happy!

9. I take chances. I used to live in fear. Fear of getting hurt. Fear of leaving a miserable job. Just plain fear. It was or is like jumping off a cliff with thoughts that all will be fine regardless if you break a leg or only get scratched up.

10. I woke up. Plain and simple. I am not fogged. My eyes are open, ears are listening and I can breath in the fresh air (what is left of it). I plain and simply enjoy what is right in front of me. If it does not serve my purpose in life, I let it go.



Cami*Star 2015