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Forest Love


A monstrous wonder filled with love, happiness, and laughter with a dash of impulsivity and swig of bitch. 
He’s a patient and very caring frog, going along with the terains with snapshots of moodiness, sleepy eyes and annoyance with random hops of silliness and games. 

In the woods, they encircle one another through the sunny days and gray storms. The monstrous wonder and patient frog make for a good ending on a treacherous hike in the Himalayas, like a good shot of whiskey after getting fired from your favorite day job. 

Life is good.

Life is grand. 

Those damn monsters and frogs, those damn smirky smiles! 

At last, 

 Merry be. 

Eternal Love

Eternal Love

When I die, will you remember my eyes? Will you die because of the cries? 

When I die, will you come with or live on and be swift? Will you lift up to kiss me good night?

~When I die, I’ll forever remember our times, our cries and those loud sighs. Late night movies while cuddling with cold toes, our scary shows and our Asian-English subtitled woes. Our silly hugs and passionate kisses. Plain and simple-You-and-I~

When I die, shed a tear of life for we met when times were adrift. Political hate and life on a whim. Global warming while you held me during cold foldings.

When I die, I will explode with confetti as each tear is my life I chose share. I have been filled with love and laughter. 

Remember as you stare up not down at my sunny glares. 

I love you today, tomorrow and forever until we lay together at bay….

-Cami*Star at the end of 2016

(I’m not quite sure why I chose to write this piece. I am not dying nor physically ill. I presume it is because of all the deaths this past week. Many famous icons have passed this week and death must be on my mind. I don’t feel like death is upon me, but I suppose I wanted to share the love I have. I’m not quite sure. But this piece does share the deep love I have with the ❤ of my life). 


A Grimm Tale…


As I’ve finished this book, I have become more and more curious on this new author. I found her book at my rural little book store. Half Off Books is located in Whittier, California and is one of the best book stores I know of. It is family owned and it carries mainly used books. I love recycling books and keeping the money within the book store rather than buying from a big corporate one. You can sell your books there and use that money to buy new books! They also hold Open Mic sessions twice a month where I have gone to hear other poets share their work as well as frightenly going up myself and reading a few of my published poems.

They also carry new books written by new authors or small town book publishers. What better way to be one of the first to read a new book? 

This is where I found A. Portera’s novel. I most likely would have never found her at a big book store like Barnes and Nobles. I am beyond blown away with her writing. I am impressed that this is her first published book. As I’ve read about her, she was working on her next Grimm Tale. I am in hopes that she has published her next book, so I can continue my love of her writing.

If you are looking for a Grimm Tale, read the one and only, “The Robber Bridegroom”

Her words put me smack in the middle of this Grimm world. I was unable to put her book down until it was complete within a week.  

And my search for another great Grimm Tale continues…..

My Spark of Love


My love. My confidant. The man who holds my heart. I knew he was out there. I knew time would lead me to him. One year later and I am the happiest I’ve ever been. That is love. 

He is my friend who I can share my thoughts with. He is my co-parent who accepted my 5 year old as his own. Who does that? A real man! This man! My man! 

We compliment each other with our own quirky ways. We are like a scale…always evening life out. I have never felt so complete as I do with my number one man. 

He plays his guitar as he sings to lyrics that come to his mind. I write with my pen as I write words to create stories. We are a ying and yang of the life of artists. 

He is my muse and I am his backbone. He is my King and I his Queen. We rule our world with love, freedom, compassion and most importantly….with unconditional love. 




“Americanality”, an urban word I describe of “what is”.  I no longer live in America. America is what I was born into, a world that was full of hope. My America is now morphing into a world of physical and mental toxicity.

Americanality-Noun: A country built on bleeding blood. A country built on immigration. A country that fought for “the people”. A country that slowly woke up and fought for equal rights among race, class and gender.

Americanality-Verb: A country of people who can be grouped into different thought processes. Most people are either humanists or inhumane. Humanists have an interest to pursue and educate ourselves and others with knowledge in order to not make the same mistakes from our past. We want to grow to a higher level of thinking in order to help ourselves and the world. It is having concern for the well being of others and the world we live in. 

The latter is the opposite. It is greed by putting fortunes and wealth before the well being of humans. It is digging up death no matter the cost (i.e. oil). It is racism.  It is watching a group of racists march, join and shout “white power”, but what does that even mean? “White” is a color, NOT a race or culture. 

Americanality is today. It is the year 2016 up to 2020. Many humans have fought and died for equal rights. Susan B. Anthony fought for the rights for women to vote. And look at who women voted for in our Trump vs. Hillary election!? This is why, in my eyes, America is no longer America today, it is now “Americanality”.

How could a sane, conscious women vote for a womanizing man? A man who does not have respect for the female gender. It is an insult to the women who fought for our voting rights! A disgusting insult!

We all know the story of the famous Mr. King who fought for equal rights, peace and justice among people of color. Or better yet, for all humans who were socially and economically disadvantaged. During his time period, he stood up and resisted all hate and racism that affected humanity. He empowered each soul who suffered. Today, no matter what race, class, gender or color you are, you can go to school, get a college education, you can sit on a bus and you can go everywhere and anywhere! Sadly, things may change. 

On a positive note, there are many of us “Americans” who are consciously aware of what is going on.  We can resist the toxic ways our society is going toward. As long as you read and always check your facts, you will be okay. 

Educate yourself and your kin because four years can be as long or as short as reality allows.  

My “Americanality” can and will go back to America, but we the people have a lot of work to clean up.