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I am an onion, peeled with many layers. My mind is an ever-flowing thinking machine. I love writing all my thoughts on paper and some get published here on my blog. I am a deep thinker, which brings along deep feelings-positively for the most part! I am a feminist, poet, writer, blogger, parent of two beautiful girls, a special education teacher, a lover, a friend, a daughter, a sister and most importantly a spiritual warrior! Thank you for reading All About Me and checking out my blog! Much appreciation from your truly, Cami*Star

Human World


On summer break, which means I can get back to my writing. With everything going on in the world, I’ve decided to dedicate a section of my writing to our worlds hurt, pain and dysfunction called “join hands”. I’m hoping I can create mini postcards or a mini book to sell with the proceeds going to humanity programs. More info to come!

“Join Hands” @C*S 2022



What a beautiful site:

He sat in tanned clothing, He was as handsome as can be with a clean shavened face. He wore the same paint stained watch I remembered as a child. Eloquent in an unfamiliar sitting position as he spoke of an intellectual topic. I gawked and took in every inch of his essence. His face, his shoulders, his eyes. Everything.

My own father sitting beside him in silence, as if briefed prior to their visit.

I stumbled as I searched for a camera, but those who snapped a quick pic, found him to be obsolete. Not here nor there.

He was a blur of a beautiful memory engraved in my soul, yet here he stood in my reality.

Our guardian angel.

A piece of my reality.

A bit of our ancestary.

My Papa.


A Trip to Oregon


Hello there! It has been too long since I’ve gotten down and dirty here. I really need to get back to my writing, but this is a start.

As a teacher with school aged kids and a husband’s flexible work schedule, we are blessed to be able to go on yearly summer vacations. We typically do the camping and hiking thing, but as my kids are getting older, they’re getting tired of my nature ways.

This year, I decided to trick them by going to Oregon where the tall trees lay and there are mounts of waterfalls, so I’d be able to sneak in some nature time. The trick was a win-win. My girls loved going on hikes to waterfalls, their eyes loved the beauty while my husband and I loved all the atraction activities.

Enjoy a walk-through of our 7-day trip:

2020 Blue


Out of the blue, a contagion hit reality.

Hysteria, Lockdown’s, a halt to life.

Yet, here we are alive and breathing.

Not a tear has been shed out of greed

nor fear. Only tears of joy to see

those who have the stregnth and

knowledge to keep our reality flowing.

-Cami*Star 2020

Photo by Anna Shvets on

Black Jack is back


Black Jack is back!

Do you jump in? Do you vibe it?

Do you lose as if your life is on a limb?

Are you running? Running from what?

Games? Corruption? Are you losing it?

Black Jack is back.

Do you run away? Do you beg? Are you lost?

Do you lie as if you’re life is immaculate? (Bwahhahah)

You LOSE! Or did YOU???


Black Jack is back.

Accept it! Live it! Breath it!

Are you running (AGAIN)? Running from what?

Winning in life? Living in peace? Making it?

Do you live your life as if you’re life is dull? (OKAY!!!!)

You chose your own cards! You chose to be free!

STOP running in oblivion!

Black Jack will win! Black Jack did win!

Walk away in stride! Walk away in glory!

You are the mighty winner!

Don’t you know?

Black Jack is back! 2020




Hopes of freedom.


Freedom fighters




Big owners.


Leaders of the “world”


Lay people

Work to survive.

Work to live.

Blood exhausted.


Work = a drink.



We fight! We Protest!


Listen to false lies.

Lies of reality.

Breathable air

They say.


Industrial fumes.





They sip drinks.

We bleed.

Failing system.


Look at us!