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It wasn’t your weekend get-a-ways,
It was never your non committed stance,
It could never be your straight up lies,
It was the fact that I had so much faith in you.
My faith stood tall against all the warning signs.
And now all my faith has crumbled into tiny pieces of nothingness.
I miss you.
I miss the person I thought you were.
I miss your kisses.
I miss your hugs.
I miss your messy hair.
I miss who I thought you were.



Today, oh you Mr. Today.

Today, my heart can finally feel the missing of your soul,

I feel detached,

Something is missing,

I feel lost,


Where are you?

Yesterday I was strong,

But today, I miss you.

Today I want to run to you and pretend the last month never occurred,

Today, I want to call you just to hear your sexy voice,

Today, I want to collapse and let all my tears roam,

Tears that will roam to you, so you can follow the trail back to my heart,.

Tears that you will dry up,

As the sun sets, so will my tears,

As the moon rises, so will my strength.

Today is only today and tomorrow is tomorrow.

The end…



Honestly, this is usually what a relationship comprises of when it gets to the end. When your mind starts to go back and forth on what you want, that means its time to flee. Everything has a beginning and an end. Yes, it can be upsetting and sting a bit, but we have to accept it. When we don’t accept the end of a relationship, this is when it can become toxic.