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A Cultured Christmas is…


A Mexican American Christmas is……..
Tamales for days, days of making tamales, never getting tired of Masa, which is a dough made from corn flour. Tamales come twice a year, Christmas is one.


It is pan dulce con cafe.  Sugar, more sugar and more sugar with a hint of caffeine.  Conchas. My favorite-empenadas. Pan is bread, Dulce is sugar. What a sweat treat to eat on a chilly-holiday night.

It is champarado, hot and sweet warming our cold tums. It is our chocolate fix with sugar and tamales. It is kid coffee. I heart champarado.


It is hot soups. Sopita. Sopa. Warm soups for days. Cocido. Menudo. Posole. Caldo de Res. Yum for days.

It is family. Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Tio’s,Aunts, Tia’s, Nina’s, Nino’s, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Cousins, Cousins kids. It is a mirage of a huge tribe.

It is Jesus, the son of God. It is saying thank you for being born. It is the Virgin Mary or Our Lady of Guadalupe for giving us our savior.


It is midnight mass. Catholic lives. Christianity. It is all about being thankful.  It is thanking our Angels and Saints.

It is Christmas Trees. Trees with homemade ornaments. Momento ornaments. Pictures. New Mexico ornaments. Mexican décor.


It is wine. Liquor. Laughs. Drinking. Beers. Cerveza. Vino. It is waking up with a hangover. Or not. Orale.

It is mainly speaking English with a few self taught Spanish word. It is not truly being Mexican yet not whole American. It is mainly being off the grid.


It is moca skin, Latina/o blood, spicy attitudes, loud voices, shy personas. Curves. Tall, Short, Dark and Handsome, Beautiful.

A Mexican American Christmas is all I know. I would never change it for anything in the world! I could never live without mi tamales y champarado. I survive on café con pandulce.

I am a mixture of mi familias blood with Azteca, Mexican, and Spaniard. I am the coffee that has more milk than coffee. I am the girl who white people assume I speak Spanish and Mexicans who hate me because I’m not fluent in Spanish.


Thank you to my ancestors who have kept our traditions alive. I live for them every December. Thank you for never leaving Mexico when it became America. Thank you for not allowing the Spaniards to tear our culture down ❤

Christmas Eve Meditation


Christmas Eve Meditation:

Today be grateful for all your unseen presents already in your life! Stop. Breath. Look around at your blessings.

Today embrace your family and friends. Look at your children’s smiles! Hug your parents. Kiss your lovers.

Today is the night when Jesus was born. He was the supposed son of God. Regardless of your beliefs, this is the reason why Christmas begun.

A new birth means new beginnings. A mind clearing. A fresh start.

Hugs to all my readers and followers. Most importantly, cheers to new born ideas, ideals, life, love and thoughts!


Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays.