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Darkness to Light


Drowning in the depths
of her bleak soul,
Aware of sights and sounds,
He senses her darkness,
Scents of a withered heart
awakenhis senses,

Awaiting to pounce,
Sneaking up on her
He senses her fear,
Black tears run
down her cheeks,
He salivates,

Under the moon,
She falls to her knees
asking the bright light
to give her a hint,

He is blinded,
His rotten skin burns,
He evaporates,

She received the light,

Thank you moon.




Slowly, carcasses rise on the eve on the fullest of fullest of moons,
Searching for sunken souls to devour. To taste. To energize with.

She has a smile that lights up a room, but her soul is full of your worse dark nightmares. Locked rooms in that mind of hers is full of moans. Doors are sealed with the death of him.

They can feel her deep pain, snail crawling toward her dark heart, they creep up to have their monthly treat.

She gave up on all the smiles and happiness around her. Without her soulmate, she cares less to go forward in her world. Tears turn into a dark tar that stains her beautiful pale face. She lines her lips with her liner to put on her happy smile, but they crack from a lack of oxygen.

They have taken over. They devour every inch of her. She is gone.

She now walks soulless in this beautiful world. 

Contempt that she no longer has a soul that was once shared with her mate.


-©C*S 2015

Fling by Chance


Walking in her world of darkness,
Consciously taking it in,
The pain shall remain,

Steps of never ending lust,
Holding it all in,
As some drips from her bust,

One taste and he wants it,
Yet he cannot,
as his own heart
is sewn together
from falling apart,

She continues to walk,
In her own world of darkness,
As she hoped to find her match,
Which was only a fling by chance…


A Moment of Pain….


I lay in physical pain, wanting to get up,
wanting to run and dance in the rain,
That night was a blast,
but its brought me to my dark past.

In my dark past,

I brought life, to a beauty!
Golden hair, creamed colored when bare.
She brings me joy, laughter and love.
But when I was alone, it was all despair.

The maker ran away,
The fear of, WHO KNOWS WHAT?
I took the ante and went with it, SO WHAT?
Nine months of fear of what was NEAR!

Time went to fast,
as it is all just a blur,

This was my CHOICE!

The punches I felt, inside and out,
She was ready to show,
To show this world, what I am all about!
Strongness will lead me, I SHALL DEFEAT!

She arrived with joy in my eyes,
but I was left alone, the maker has not shone!
I can do this! I will! I can be!
The best women left alone,
But the pain in this heart,
shall subside!

Sewn up, laying in bed,
She’s tearing up and
I cannot even get up,
because I feel like I’m dead!

All alone, alone in my bed,
Don’t feel sorry for yourself,
You are much more than THAT!

I am fighting the physical pain,
Pills popped in, Yeah, I was feeling pretty numb!
But I love her so much,
But I ask, “what have I done?”,
All night, with no one in sight.

I am used to this,
Used to this, my whole life,
Alone, whether there are people around or not.
But, it’s okay, I have nothing to hide!

I arrived home, pained to move an inch,
All alone, I wonder, “how did I cope”?
One pill, two pill, three!
No more physical pain, and my EMOTIONS ARE FREE!

Here I lay, three years later,
back to that pain!
I guess I did not heal, because it is beginning to rain!
Physically it hurt, but I will survive,
Aloneness, I can do this,
I just want to run and hide!

I want to hide in a rock,
a rock that will take all pain away,
But here I lay, raw!
Raw to the bone,

I am raw in flesh and in soul,
feeling alone, while trying NOT to fall!

NO ONE will take care of YOU!
Except YOU and YOU ALONE!

I shall heal from this physical pain,
But today, the Band-Aid fell off
And I just need to PRAY!

Pray to my God for peace to “BE”,
Pray to my God, to release all pain,
Pray to my God, that as I share,
you will take it all away!!

**This was written in June 2014.  Five months have passed since this moment in time.  That is all it was.  A “moment in time”.