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Mini-Book Review: Women by Bukowski


“Women” is a book I found about a year ago. Every time I would pick it up, I would feel like I was living in a dirty hotel room with dim lites, nausea uprooting my stomach while feeling horney as fuck. When I read, I get lost in the story and that is exactly what it felt like to live in his book.

I loved this book at first, but then it slowly became very, very tedious. It was the same story over and over again. “Chinsky”, the male character is an older man who is a writer. He absolutely loves women and enjoys their company and sleeping with them. He is a drunk and really does not have high standards for himself, so in order to fill his void of life, he is a man whore. But throughout the many women he sleeps with, he is in love with this one particular woman named, Lydia. She is a crazy, jealous, obsessive women that made me want to grab her out of the book and give her some damn comments sense! She annoyed me throughout the book because of her psycho ways with Chinksi.

I love Bukowskis writing and he writes in a such a passionate and poetic way when he describes his affairs. Below is one of my favorite quotes when he was describing one of his sexual encounters. His writing is raw, which I love! Overall, the writing itself was awesome, but the plot could have used a lot more variety.

“Its like making a rosebud open….
It’s like two roses in a garden moving slowly towards each other. The male works his slow magic. The female slowly opens. I like it. I like it.”

From his book “Women”
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Lost in our world…..


I’m a bit lost right now,
Not lost, lost,
But lost…..
Lost in the woods
With the foggy air,
Air I care not to breath in,
Air that I want to breath in and throw back into the sky is far from my eyes,
Your eyes,
His eyes,
Her eyes,

If you see me walking with a scanty smile on my face, it is a smile, that yes, I got through another day of this fog!
Another day of lies, of poison, almost at the death of my own life, I have poked my nose above dirty ground to taste his smell.

Foggy mornings that hurt to awaken,
Foggy tears rolling down instead of screaming at the world!
Foggy eyes that can’t think straight,
Drunk off life’s chemicals,

Breathing in poison!
Drinking in poison!
Living in poison!
Talking in poison!
Fucking in poison!
Seeing in all this damn poison!

Our lives are a big poison fest,
A fest full of free drugs to kill us,
Free water to sink us!
Wake up…wake up people!

Treason! Treason! Treason!
Treason is this fucken-fog,
Fuck you for not giving me a choice of the type of air I shall breath!

This forest of chemicals will kill each one of us. We need to stand up and fight this damn demon!
Those demon eyes that kill us
Every fucken day we awaken….