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A Poetic Flame


A poetic flame should
not be touched,
It stings like a million bees attacking the tip of your heart, sensitive vibes flowing through their veins as if drunk with the beating of every human emotion, eyes are pointless in their world as they can see with their vibrations, they can feel every sad tear to every chipper laugh, A poetic flame is a blessing to the outside world, a hot beating heart full of emotion to the poet….



Oh the pains of being a womyn!!  If you men knew what we go through, you would have sympathy or at least I would hope so.  I woke up with a sharp pain in my lower stomach.  Hmm…I thought, it’s not almost that time of the month.  I wonder if I ate something horrid?

Then it dawned on me, here I am mid-cycle and I am ovulating.  Oh heck!  Really?!  Thank goodness, I can’t get pregos, I am so done with being pregnant.

I have my warm cup of coffee.  It soothes my tummy pain and gives me a sweet jolt.  I begin cleaning up my house.  Then, I all of a sudden feel a “nesting” coming on.  I begin to scrub my floors, I re-arrange my living room and then get up and go to buy a new rug for my living room.

What the heck was all of that about?  I am ovulating and in my animalistic ways, I began nesting, getting my house ready.  Oh joy!!

I woke up with a great attitude.  I felt good, great and energetic desptite my tum pain.  While I was out, I felt good.  It felt good to be out in our Cali-Sun with the wind blowing in my face.

But then, I get home and all of a sudden have a crying spell!!  Really?  Why was I shedding those tears?  I had no particular reason.  But I put it all together.  I am ovulating.

I did some research online and sure enough, apparently these are some symptoms of ovulating.  I never put one-and-one together, but it all makes sense now.

I am so glad that I understand my emotions today and am able to control them.  I laid down for a bit, breathed in and out and closed my eyes and imagined peace.  Thirty minutes later, it passed and here I am sharing my estrogen break down with the world.

It really sucks to be a girl sometimes.  We are wired so differently than men.  Sometimes I trully wish I was a male, but then at the same time, being a girl is fun!

But why oh why do us womyn have to go through all of this emotional crap.  We get emotional during PMS, we get emotional while being pregnant, we get emotional on sad movies.  Really?!??  Why did we get created as such!  I DO NOT LIKE IT, ONE BIT!~  OH, let me repeat myself if you did not here me the first time, I DO NOT, I DO NOT, I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE INCH OF A BIT~

Okay, vent over.