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A Trip to Oregon


Hello there! It has been too long since I’ve gotten down and dirty here. I really need to get back to my writing, but this is a start.

As a teacher with school aged kids and a husband’s flexible work schedule, we are blessed to be able to go on yearly summer vacations. We typically do the camping and hiking thing, but as my kids are getting older, they’re getting tired of my nature ways.

This year, I decided to trick them by going to Oregon where the tall trees lay and there are mounts of waterfalls, so I’d be able to sneak in some nature time. The trick was a win-win. My girls loved going on hikes to waterfalls, their eyes loved the beauty while my husband and I loved all the atraction activities.

Enjoy a walk-through of our 7-day trip:

Forest Love


A monstrous wonder filled with love, happiness, and laughter with a dash of impulsivity and swig of bitch. 
He’s a patient and very caring frog, going along with the terains with snapshots of moodiness, sleepy eyes and annoyance with random hops of silliness and games. 

In the woods, they encircle one another through the sunny days and gray storms. The monstrous wonder and patient frog make for a good ending on a treacherous hike in the Himalayas, like a good shot of whiskey after getting fired from your favorite day job. 

Life is good.

Life is grand. 

Those damn monsters and frogs, those damn smirky smiles! 

At last, 

 Merry be.