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Erased Disdain


clouds daylight landscape mont d aveyron

Photo by Thomas Brenac on Pexels.com

Forbidden memories of thee untold,

Why speak of the forgotten when

Lightning already stuck it down?

Yet, one reaction of neurons will

have it appear once more!




Enlightened as she unfolded,

To  be who she were to be,

A taste of disdain in her

morning coffee,

ever so bland,

What then?

A realm of once was,

Forgotten pain,

now a light of

Forever blessings,







Positive Soul



Have you ever met someone that has such a positive aura around them, you can’t help, but be enlightened by their eyes?

Have you ever met someone that kisses you so passionately that your heart lights up like a light bulb?

Have you ever met someone that leaves you with a dust of positive energy?

Oh, yes, that person is walking the same steps that we are! I have been enlightened to have such a beautiful soul in my life.

If my enlightened aura shall stick with me, I shall be his goddess of love. I will love you from the inside out. My passion for you is beyond words. The universe shall come crumbling down with the our two powerful souls intermingling.

If my enlightened soul shall leave me for another, I shall be ever so grateful that I was able to experience your soul……..