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Dress and Feminism


Do you know what a feminist is?
Do you know what feminism is?
Do you know what equality is?
Do you know how to empower each other?

I think NOT!
Some of you have it,
Some of you do not.

What is wrong with people?
What is wrong with our society?
It sickens me….

Yesterday, on Americas, “day of love”, I viewed a post that showed a women wearing a tight, body hugging, red dress.

The owner of the post, made a rude comment, “Don’t be this girl, Put captions here!”



In 2014, yes, people still think like this!

Who cares what she is wearing! She obviously felt good in her gear, so this is why she wore it!

Men stated comments such as, “Instant chorizo”, “trying to appeal to the moo cow”. DISGUSTING! This is a perfect example of parents having to teach children right from wrong. We need to love all humans, whether they are female, male, trans-gender, gay, lesbian, thin, heavy, skinny or over-weight. Who cares what humans look like on the outside?

Really people? The outside of our bodies is just a shell. What matters is our souls, the inside where our fire lives.

So many of you men and women need to grow up, mature and accept all as they are. Until then, we will continue to breed children who will lack self-esteem, confidence and empowerment.

Do you want to know what is even more sickening? Are you ready for this?
There were even women, females, ladies who were bashing this red dressed lady! Comments such as, “Oh no you didn’t!”, “she must have been drunk when she was getting ready!”, “she’s like I can still shop in the miss teen section they don’t have mirrors”.


Amazing how quick males and females are to bashing each other, but how would they feel if people were saying that about them?

All I have to say is, when people say negative things about others, that is really how the feel about themselves inside. Yeah, it could have been funny, it could have been a joke. But joke about something else, because the way females view themselves NOW, is a horrible epidemic of negativity.

I will continue to empower myself, other womyn and my daughters. Because if one person can empower you, it may be a domino effect.

Whether you are female or male or however you classify yourself, love yourself from within. If you do not like the way you look on the outside, first work on loving yourself from the inside. Once you can love yourself from within, then you will begin to see what a beautiful person you are.

If you want to change the way your outside shell looks, once you feel good from within, this will be easy. It will be easier to get out and walk, to go for a hike or work out. It will be easier to eat healthy. Because when we love ourselves from within, we will not be putting horrible things into our bodies.

The point is, love yourself. But also love others and don’t judge. You never know what the other person is thinking or feeling.

Empower one another instead of bashing each other.

Wishful Thinking.


Her story.  Her life.  Her wants. Her needs.

She steps outside and views the growth of the water plants.  They are long and stringy.  Green with a glimpse of yellow.  They looks like alien antennas.  They sway from side to side as if there is not a worry in the world.

The preciousness of her eardrums hear the chirping of birds.  They are singing in her world.  They are singing to her beautiful soul.  They know she is one with nature.  They know her.  They swirl around her to let her know she is loved.  Oh these beautiful birds.  The fly as if the world is musical.  Their world of beautiful, not a worry in the world.  When she dies and becomes part of the universe, she wants to be that bird that flies around the sweet scent of air.

Oh life.  You have touched me like an Angel touching death.  She was falling.  There was darkness.  There he was.  He grabbed onto her leg.  He pulled her down.  He grabbed his pointer finger and spread darkness into her soul.   When she walked outside, she saw deep, dark clouds.  She felt bounded to the deepest cave.  It smelled of stale rotten bats.  She uplifted her arm to the highest opening of the mountain.  She could not reach.  She felt defeated.  He had a hold on her.  She kicked.  She screamed.  She tried to run away from death.  He breathed a wicked, foul smell onto her skin.  She reached and reached and reached…..

He took a step out to attach another soul.  She blinked and then blinked again.  She looked around and it was silent.  All she could hear was the beating of her heart.  “Bump, Bump, Bump”.  An immediate feeling of “run” overcame her.  Her eyes rolled up and she saw a blink of light.  She thought it disappeared forever.  It was blinking.  It was calling to her.  They flew down.  They pulled one arm up and then the other.  She felt as if she were an enlarged pumpkin being pulled out of a peanut shell.  They pulled harder and harder until the beating light poured warmth onto her.

It smiled at her.  It threw it rays onto her soul.  She shook her body to rid herself of dark spiders.  She opened it.  It was as if she was in bloom.

She forgot.  There is no memory.  She lost those thoughts.

She is now welcomed into the world of the sweet smell of the breeze.  She is welcomed into the view of nature.  Of green life awaiting to share their sprinkles.

Showers of laughter, spirits of happiness and expellments of life await her as she enjoys her world………..

Light to Dark…Dark to Light

Oh Beautiful Day…


Oh Beautiful Day,

I love you.

I love that you have shown me the light.

Oh Beautiful Day,

I love you for warming me up when I feel cold inside,

Oh Beautiful Day,

Let’s enjoy today like tomorrow may be gone!!

Oh Beautiful Day!

Oh Beautiful Day!

Oh Beautiful Day!