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2020 Blue


Out of the blue, a contagion hit reality.

Hysteria, Lockdown’s, a halt to life.

Yet, here we are alive and breathing.

Not a tear has been shed out of greed

nor fear. Only tears of joy to see

those who have the stregnth and

knowledge to keep our reality flowing.

-Cami*Star 2020

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Capitalism = BAD FOOD


1410841295761What has become of our once beautiful world? What happened to the days when you would wake up to the morning sun, breath in non-chemical air and eat non-chemical food?

Gone are those days as Capitalism has taken over our lives! The majority of humans no longer care about our health, instead they are consumed with money!

Companies make all this “fake” food, which is killing us! They want more, more, more money , so they produce more, more, more chemically produced food!

We need to make a change or these chemically made products will forever change us!!