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She’s always been one step ahead…
    -The want
          -The need
               -The love
the one
to get

This time
she has 
a curve

He is
one step
of her

And for once
      -She can smile
             -She can love
                    -She can enjoy

And she is happy….

-Cami-Star 2016

Dark and Light


Standing upon the trees of Mother Earth, she feels a sense of beauty.  A leaf softly falls on her shoulders as if Mother Earth is greeting her. She smiles. It is a fake smile, but an inner happiness is sent to Mother Earth greeting her with a hello.

Upon her mind, she can clearly see a cliff that leads to the deep dark depths of earth that wrap tightly around her soul.  She is tempted to walk closer yet a jolting breeze distracts her.

She is deserted upon her own mind yet not alone. Pained pressed onto her heart as if she is being crushed by an invisible hand.  The bright light is reaching out to her, calling her name.

A soft bright light appears in the corner of her eye. A gentle voice speaks as it reaches out his hand with the radiance of a God, “Dear child, it is always your choice. The choice is yours”.

Stumbled, she does not know what to think. She feels his love, his radiance, his true essence yet the dark night tugs her


down as if rooted into the dirt.

She screams out to Mother Earth through her mind. Mute yet loud from frivolous thoughts.

She escapes the wrath of her tangled root. She runs through bushes of Mother Earth as they scratch her arms and legs. Dots of blood now forming.

Dehydrated, she stumbles upon the beauty of a glistened lake. It’s beauty is breathtaking, she can feel it’s positive vibrations. She can see the pure love radiating into bubbles of mist.

She takes a drink of Mother Earth. It awakens her senses. She can see the golden sun. She can see the light. She has awakened.

-Cami*Star 2016