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On her “A” game


Heals on
Purse on deck
Smile shining
No time for whining….
Jeans tight
Tank on right
Happiness crowning
No time for frowning….
Curls bouncing
Smelling fab
Positive hounding
No time for confounding…

Walking proud
Thinking loud
Into town


She is an Acronym


Cunningly Cute is she, catty can be, but only her mind can see all that can be free……

Authentically Ambitious and rightfully so, how can she not, with all that soul….

Mechanically Marvelous with a twinkle in her eye, laughing all night, all without a mic….

Interestingly Intelligent with ideas on mind, although not always from the beginning of time…..

Lioness of Loudness as her roars pour out, don’t make a sound as she will cast out with a pound…..

Lollypop of Life as many have called her, her bubbly smiles make a sweetened treat taste like some bile…..

Earnestly Earthy with her hands in the dirt, not scared of getting dirty or looks or smirks…..

Racingly Ravenous for a thirst of a real world, take the bad out, to give her that burst…..

Utterly Unique, no one compares, although it will take a lot to get
her soul all bare…..

Incredibly Itchy for a thirst of peace making, go ahead, try it and share…..

Zealous for a life full of Zenith at night, when her sight is alive to Zero in on her life with all her might……