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Another Year….


Another year to depart from and say good-bye to, it was fun, it was sad and it was happy! A new year to embark on to renew yourself, to say bye to the old and hello to the new. Are you ready? Are YOU ready? I can’t hear you!! ARE YOU READY!!!!!????? (“ahem” as I clear my thought)

I am READY! LET’S DO THIS! I love new beginnings, it is an ability to begin anew, it’s a fresh start. A new year usually gets us to think, “how can I better myself?” Many create “resolutions” to help them improve their lives, whether it be physically, emotionally or spirtitually. I on the other hand, always strive to better myself, but not with “resolutions”. Years ago, I did create “resolutions”, I lived on that band wagon for a very long time, but I always failed, gave up and then life went on. It’s like, what’s the point? As I’ve moved on to bigger and better things (in my own view), I have ditched what is called “resolutions”! Instead I live a life of what I call a learning curve, a chance to redeem myself, a life of what is meant to be. What I didn’t learn or accomplish last year will be a goal for the upcoming year.

My new year thoughts and wishes are to strive and be one with reality in order to better myself as I climb my life of stairs. Did you read that word….”reality”! REALITY! Living in reality is something all humans need to work on. We do NOT live in yesterday’s mistakes, although our past does open up our minds! We do not live in tomorrow, which is unreachable. BUT, we are alive right here and right now. I’m not going to dig into our current earth, climate and political issues, but those who are reading this, are fully aware of them. We need to stay in today, stay in reality, stay on what is going on now in order to move forward. Enough said.

Do we always climb upwards and never fall or in a real sense fail? Of course not, we are only human. Luckily, we are born covered with thick skin to protect our inner parts. We get scraped, burned and maybe break a bone or two, but do we heal? We always do! You know the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonaide!” This is my motto in life~ I live to make do with what I have, to make do with the current road I am on, I just do it and await for the next page. We can only make our own selves happy right? So, I just do it!

My life is like riding a super long escalator, which is my road to enlightment. We will always climb upwards, but it’s up to you, it’s up to me to keep climbing! Are you ready to climb? Are you ready to get to the next level? I hope so because I love climbing. I have happily come to a point in my life where I can care less about a daily stress or weekly struggle because I know that at the end of the day, it is a learning experience and I can only go up! I have chosen to no longer go down at this point in my life, I’ve been there, done that!

This is exactly why I look forward to new beginnings! I look forward to new chapters, most importantly, I look foward to riding my escalator that is traveling up, “to infinity and beyyyyoooond” as the infamous Buzz Lightyear would say. ……

Does the escalator take us all to the next level of life? Unfortunately, the answer is no and I will fully say I know this from experience! We go up, we stop, we go down and we may fail. I’m sure you know a soul or two who do not seem to grow spiritually or mentally at ALL. Our best intentions is to “want” to help them or slap some sense into them, but at one point or another, we come to the realization that our wanting to help has nothing to do with helping them! When you have moved past the ugly and toxins in our lives, it is so much easier to climb up, but not everyone is “there”. We may think it is easy to get enlightened, but when your down and full of regrets, toxins and maybe even addiction, it may seem IMPOSSIBLE to step onto that esalator.

So, what happens to these souls? The souls we long to help? Nothing. Exactly nothing. Nada. And it is sad to say that we cannot do anything about it. I mean, yeah, we can reah out and attempt to lead them to the light. We can provide our love and compassion, but really, at the end of the day, they must make the choice to heal and to step forward.

Those who are stuck, may stay on their level for years, decades or maybe until their last breath. They will stay where they are until they are ready to move forward, until they are ready to see the truth, until they are ready to open up their weaknesses and let go. We cannot do anything for them (sadly), we cannot force them on the escalator (unfortunately), they must move forward on their own (although I wish it were that easy). They always have the ability to get on the escalator, it never leaves. Ever! When you go to the mall, do you ever see the escaltor move? NO, NEVER! This is the same in our lives, our life escalator never moves, it’s impossible. Remember, always remember that regardless of where you are in life, you always have the choice and chance to get on that escalator to help you move up in your life. Take a chance, make a choice!

Once again, this is why I love new beginnings, which today, I speak on behalf of our upcoming New Year. No matter what has happened yesterday, a year ago or even 20 years ago, you can never go back to that moment, all you can do is go foward. Isn’t that a beautiful reality? I think so!

As the years in my life keep coming up and moving forward over and over again, I have discovered that I have a love-dislike relationship with them! I’m sorry “time”, but I have to be honest with you in order to be honest with myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love riding my escalator each year, it’s fun! I’m like a child in the sense that I get excited as my right foot steps on my escalator with a happy and a giddy feeling of the unknown. What will be upstairs? Will it be a huge candy land that will fill me up with joy? A pink cloud filled with purple unicorns? All of my hopes and dreams ready to engulf me? My innocent self wants to say “yes, yes and yes!”

Unfortunately, my life is not always sugar and spice, but at the end of the day or year in this matter all twists and turns are teachable moments. Each step I’ve taken turns into beauty and this is only because I’m able to let go and let God (a crucial part of letting go of toxins).

As one continues to grow mentally and spiritually each year, our age and bodies age as well, which is the part of my “dislike” of each year passing (who doesnt, right?) But it’s all okay when one has the right mind set. Personally, I’d rather age gracefully as I continue to grow to a higher level of consciousnesses than be stuck in a beautiful body with a depleted sense of self.

And back to….another year shall pass. 2020…wow! As a kid who grew up in the 80s, as a teen in the 90s, the year 2020 seemed unreachable. It sounded so futuristic! Even the thought that I’d be in my early 40s was unheard of in my youth.

I clearly remember graduating college in “2000”, that was my overall goal. I didn’t want 1999 or 2001, I wanted to be the graduate of “2000” since it was sooooo “millenial” back then. Now, it’s just a joke in my head. It was just another year that came right after 1999. In reality, the year 2020, still appeared unreachable, a number that was soooo far away. And we are here, here I am, here you are. It will be another year, another decade, another wrinkle, another unicorn sparkle and another age. I am alive. You are alive because you are reading this. In my deepst darkness moments in life, who would never have imagined how beautiful life can be. If you would have asked me where I’d be in 2020 in the year 2000, I would have laughed at the thought of where I am today. This is life folks, this is a young 40ish female sharing this with you! We have goals and ambitions, if we keep going forward, we will get there, YOU will get there! Life is awesome!

So, onto to the new and out with the old. Happy New Year. Cheers to 2020! I hope all your life goals are made a reality!


Camille, aka #camistar

Last Day of 2015


It is the last day of the new year,
she is supposed to be
“releasing negativity”
to begin a “fresh start”,

Bye Bad People,
Bye Judgments,
Bye Bad Relationships,
Bye Stress,
Bye bad, bad, bad!


She sits,
She ponders,
There is no negativity
in her realm!
What is the big deal?

Her realm is a balance
of ying and yang,
Her darkness is balanced
with light,
Her lack in one area
Is strengthened
with another,


Out with the old:
Bye you, you, and you!

And in with the new:
Hi, Hello, Kisses!

Good Bye 2015. You were great!
Hello 2016!

Happy New Year,

Last post of 2015 (well maybe)



It is a new year. 

New beginnings once again.

I have been gone for a long 5 months. 

That is half a year.  What happened?  Where did the time go?

Life grabbed me, it put me back into perspective.

My children warranted me. They needed me.  They took up all my time.

My life had been surrounded by that thing we call work!

Life encompassed me, while I tried to stay afloat the wild, wondrous Ocean.

But, it is a NEW YEAR! 

Even though, us single parents get caught up in our crazy worlds, we STILL NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.

So, going forward, even though I had a 5 month hiatus, I am back.

I am refreshed. I am rejuvenated. 

I have goals. I have BIG goals. 

Even though, I am a single mother, who is constantly busy,

I will stop and take some time for ME.

Last year was pretty darn good to me.

This year, I expect it to be much better.

So, cheers to stepping out of last year.

Cheers, to stepping forward into our new 2014  year.

Cheers to stepping into a beautiful world, filled with laughing children, filled with a feeling of accomplishments, a feeling of internal love.

Cheers to putting all negative energy into a ball and throwing it into the world to dissipate into nothing.

Cheers to being in the present moment.

Cheers to you and Cheers to me!





It is a new year. New beginnings.  A new start.


I come to the end of every year in the same situation and I feel like a lot of people do as well.

Here comes December and we are all grateful for the year to end.

We say bye to all of our regrets, hatred, and negative feelings.

We say bye to all of our baggage.

But why can’t we do it any other time?  It baffles me.

I am always trying to become a better person regardless if it is the end of the year or not.

But, it is our imaginative world that let’s us believe that beginning January 1st, we can be cleansed of all faults.

I cleansed.  I used my imaginative world and went with the flow.

I said good-bye to all who have hurt me and luckily that was taken care of before December.

I said good-bye to my ways of over eating and indulging in delicious chocolates.  Oh how I will miss you.

I said good-bye to  impatience and hello to that thing called PATIENCE.

2011 was not the best year for me, but it was not the worst.

In 2011 I welcomed:

  • My Maya Star who is now 7 months old
  • My sunshine who is still in my life with full vengeance
  • A pre-pre teen.  My 9-year-old who had overstepped her childish ways
  • A more powerful stance in life:  taking on two children as a single mother

And I have to say, those are the things that have made me a stronger and better person today.  Now, did it take me a new year to make these changes and outlooks on life?  No.  Like I said, I work on myself daily.  But in some weird, mystical way, January 1st always seems to officially take them away.

  • As I overcame a lot of stress and mishaps in 2011, I feel like I have climbed over that mountain, I reached the top.  Being at the top of the mountain was the hardest, but I took one breath at a time.  I took one step at a time.  One blink at a time.  And guess what?  I overcame it.  I laid in the hospital bed alone.  I did not have him there.  The father of my baby did not want to have anything to do with me or the baby.  I thought at the moment, how was I going to get through it.  I did it!  It is the proudest moment of my life.  I always tell people, I am not a “women” because there is no “man” in my life to help me, but I am a “womyn” because I can do it by myself.  And at the top of the mountain, it actually felt good.  I brought life into this world rather than diminish it.  I have become on overall stronger person because of my situation.

And I am now on the other side of the mountain.  2012 is strong, hopeful and most importantly lovely.

I smile when I wake up.

I laugh when I see my daughters laugh.

I blink and don’t have to blink again because today, right now, 2012 is a blessing.

Happy  New Year to me. Happy New Year to You.  And Happy New Year to New Beginnings.