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You Dreamt.


Did they every tell you would grow up?

Did they ever tell you to dream?

Did they ever tell you to never get high?

You grew to a new you,

You dreamt a dream of no return,

You got high, higher than high,

Did they tell you to smile?

Did they tell you to sing?

Did they tell you to think?

You smiled despite parasites,

You sang to stay afloat,

You thought it’d never end,

But it did.

It ended.

You grew.

You let go.





C-Virus Life


It has been about 4 weeks of quarantine during this “coronavirus 2020” that has hit our reality. A worldly demise. A pandemic!

Here I am stand in America. The land of the free. The land of freedom. The United States, yet we are not so “united” as expected.

It is unreal. I would have never thought! I mean, a war amongst leaders, okay, believable, but a war against a minuscule virus??? Unreal.

This is today.

Our reality.



Amongst of all humanity.

Happily, I’m making the most of my situation. I have been taking advantage of waking up late, drinking coffee all morning, not wearing make-up and embracing the slow life!

I love taking walks whenever I want, homeschooling my 2nd grader and watching my highschool senior work independently. 

Honesty, I feel like I’m in a dream come true, but you have to remember that each one of us has a different “reality”!

Our “Personal eye” IS WHAT WE SEE and feel.  All I can say is that I have have no problem with my life and my reality because I manifest the truth. My truth.

We are on a disproportionate reality and we are in the middle of a huge world change, but I leave a note to remind you to enjoy your life.

Enjoy the present moment. Embrace what you are given. We are only given one life.





I am in love, with this life of mine,
I do what I want and no need to whine,
I awake to this beauty,
Of life, shall I say,
We only get one, and I made it today!

I am blessed,
With my two little girls,
I bring them up,
With loving words to share,
They are my heart, my soul and my life,
Today is their day,
DO not rain on their parade!

As the day progresses,
My God as you see,
You have been giving,
Giving it all to me!
How can I say, thank you so much!
There are no words,
For there is so much.

Blessed as you see,
For you have the key,
They key to my life,
So I can just be,

Be as I am,
Be as I may,
As a teacher, a parent and lover,
Shall I say,

Always in love,
With all my little bees,
So grateful for all,
I am always in glee.
My God, you see,
You have given it all to me!

The way of my life,
With beauty and all,
I love the awakeness,
This is my ball,

Then there is he,
The one that brings light,
For today is mighty,
And loving the night!

I walk as I’m proud,
Proud of this life,
Today is forever,
Tomorrow is gone,
My God you see,
You have given it all to me!

Or maybe you have not!
Maybe it’s just me!
I live my life,
For all to see,

Positive words,
Peeping from within,
Plushness of life,
Plankness to stand,

God, I love you.
God, you love me.

Thank you,
Thank you,
For giving it all to me!!


I Have It All

Love. What it can do to you. What it is. Love.


Love. Oh it hurts. But when you get over it, it’s beautiful.  Love can be life!  Love is the world. 

Love. Oh it can hurt.  But when your over HIM, it’s the best feeling.  Love can be wonderful!  Love is kissing.

Love. Oh it can be painful.  But when you can smile at what you had, that’s the best.  Love can be awesome!  Love is cuddling.

Love.  Oh it can kill you.  But when you realize your better than that, you win!  Love can be sweet.  Love is watching a movie together.

Love.  Oh it can depress you.  But when you realize that you see the light, your alive!  Love can be fun.  Love is accepting all of you.

Love.  Oh it can tear your eye balls out.  But when you no longer have tears for him, it’s awesome!  Love can be holding hands.  Love is kissing. 

Love.  Oh it can hurt your soul.  But when you can see the flowers, you know your one step ahead!  Love can be rocking out to music.  Love is cuddling. 

Love.  Oh it can make you want to die. But when you want to live, you are over him.  Love can be making dinner together.  Love is looking into each others eyes. 

Oh you Mr. Love, you are naughty!  You can be so nice, so rewarding and you can feel so good.  But when you crash, you hurt!  I don’t like you sometimes!  But I am so glad that you are a passing of a feeling and you did not move into my heart.  Now that you are gone, thank you for visiting.  It was fun. 

Oh Beautiful Day…


Oh Beautiful Day,

I love you.

I love that you have shown me the light.

Oh Beautiful Day,

I love you for warming me up when I feel cold inside,

Oh Beautiful Day,

Let’s enjoy today like tomorrow may be gone!!

Oh Beautiful Day!

Oh Beautiful Day!

Oh Beautiful Day!