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High Tide


My heart feels the pain of a million needles poking right through me,
To hurt is the worst feeling in the world,
Its drowning in the deep depths of the ocean, instead of grasping for air, I am grasping for you.

Grasping for an ideal of who I thought you were. Who I thought we were. Who I thought would swim with me all the way to breathing air.

Three years of patiently awaiting for the waves to settle down, instead it stayed high waved and never felt like playing. Obeying the peace that comes with the shore, how long can you stand the high tides of the sky?

I must swim away as I want shores peace, while swimming to my place, I have to succumb to piercing pain until it subsides…..


The End to a Beautiful Story


I feel a little sore in my heart today.

My heart was living freely, not caring a bit about who was out there or who was not.

My heart enjoyed the sunny mornings with her warm cafe con leche.

Then one cool evening, he invited her over.  Over for some conversation.

The conversation was grand!

Conversation + Wine + two great minds of intellect = Connections!

At least once or twice a week, the two great minds came together for more great conversations

with a taste of a sweet kiss.

My heart was happy.  It was sparkling with fun, laughs and a hint of a crush.

A few months went by and without being fully aware, my heart began to fall for him.

Those brown eyes!

That man smell!

That laugh!

That kiss!

Those intellectual words coming out of his mouth!

Yes, indeed, my heart was falling.  But the heart does not always know if the other heart is in sync with theirs, it just goes with the daily wind that the body takes them too.

Last month, was the last time her heart and eyes laid on him.

It was the best weekend ever!

Hands intertwined together.

Out listening to music together.

There was her heart once again, melting.

Those brown eyes!

His manly smell!

Our laughs together!

Our conversations!

The moonlight fell upon them.  They were left alone.  And her heart was so full of over-joyment, that it spilled over.  She kissed him all over and she finally told him.

Her heart reached out to him and she heard what all sensual hearts never want to hear.

Those words.

But, wait!  My brown eyes!

My kisses!

I want you!

I feel for you!

We have such a great time together!  This is our moment!

And it was like everything was frozen.

All I could hear was his beautiful lips say those words.

Those words!



But, I should have known.

But, I buckled up and heard him out.

“I like you.  You’re a cool girl.  You’re a good person.  I respect you.

BUT, I cannot be exclusive or in a committed relationship right now”.

The End.

The end of what could have been.  The end of this beautiful story.

The end of the beginning of our love story.

But the beginning of a new chapter.

The beginning of a life long friendship.

But really…..


The End.

Nothing But A Heart…



I have nothing for you,
nothing, but my heart sweet dear.

He shakes with fear of knowing he has nothing to offer.
Nothing, but his heart full of love.

He holds out his hands, his bare hands full of love,
I have this my love, please come be with me….

The beating of his heart is in full effect.
Sweat, flowing downs his cheeks.

He yearns for her,
He needs her,
He wants her,
He loves her,
Come here!
I love you my dear!

And he leaves his heart at the side of the curb,
nothing less.
nothing more,

His heart belongs to his dear.

Bare hands with nothing to offer,
nothing, but his heart……