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Be Free

Be Free

Today, I know,
you want to be free,
free to be whom-ever
you want as an adoree.

So, today, while I lay
under the sun,
I’ve come to the conclusion,
that I just need to run,

Run, run away,
Run, run and be free,
free from the heartache,
the want of much more,
like the slaves,
back in the day,
always striving to be adored.

Does my heart want to run?
No, no way!
Does my soul want to be stay?
Yes, yes, it does.

But this is life,
life’s ups and downs,
You don’t always choose,
who you can keep under the sun.

I can walk away,
and be done with this run,
But what makes it so hard,
are the connections and fun!

Connecting Intellectually,
yes, can talk,
Physically is all,
encompassed to one:

You hold me,
like you’ll never let go.
You kiss me,
like I am only yours,
You touch me,
like I’m your one
and only.

But in the end,
It’s all just a game,
A game to me,
Just, so you can be free.

I get it,
I do,
You want to be free,
But when something is
special, is it not
so easy to see?

But, I am true.
True to you,
I don’t need to be free,
All I need is you!

I will be waiting,
When you choose to be true,
It can be fab,
Just me and you!

Imagine the smiles,
the laughs from within.
The all day kissing,
under the sun!

My friend, my friend,
forever my friend,
forever in sight,
forever in heart,
and in soul,

But today, I will run.

where am i? where am i?


where am i?

i am here.

where are you?

you are gone.

i miss you.

where am i?

i am here.

i think of you.

your long gone.

it is life.

where am i?

i am growing…….

where are you?

you are living your life.

do u miss me?

do you think of me?

i know not.

where am i?

i am living without you.

withouth my heart.

withought my love.

withought my laughs.

where am i?

i am here.

i will be here.

i will keep you in. my heart.

you will be a beautiful memory.

where am i?

i am dreaming…..

i am living

and i am growing

Love. What it can do to you. What it is. Love.


Love. Oh it hurts. But when you get over it, it’s beautiful.  Love can be life!  Love is the world. 

Love. Oh it can hurt.  But when your over HIM, it’s the best feeling.  Love can be wonderful!  Love is kissing.

Love. Oh it can be painful.  But when you can smile at what you had, that’s the best.  Love can be awesome!  Love is cuddling.

Love.  Oh it can kill you.  But when you realize your better than that, you win!  Love can be sweet.  Love is watching a movie together.

Love.  Oh it can depress you.  But when you realize that you see the light, your alive!  Love can be fun.  Love is accepting all of you.

Love.  Oh it can tear your eye balls out.  But when you no longer have tears for him, it’s awesome!  Love can be holding hands.  Love is kissing. 

Love.  Oh it can hurt your soul.  But when you can see the flowers, you know your one step ahead!  Love can be rocking out to music.  Love is cuddling. 

Love.  Oh it can make you want to die. But when you want to live, you are over him.  Love can be making dinner together.  Love is looking into each others eyes. 

Oh you Mr. Love, you are naughty!  You can be so nice, so rewarding and you can feel so good.  But when you crash, you hurt!  I don’t like you sometimes!  But I am so glad that you are a passing of a feeling and you did not move into my heart.  Now that you are gone, thank you for visiting.  It was fun.