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A Letter to my Future Husband


Dear future husband,

If I decide to spend the rest of my life with you, please note that you will be loved, needed and cared for, for a very long time. With that being said, please know that I am a simple girl. Please do not buy me a huge diamond ring! Did you know that diamonds are not a girls best friend? They are stones of slavery and unneeded labor! Instead, I would be happy with a simple antique ring. A ring that represents our love.

Instead of spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a big wedding, I’d rather have an intimate gathering celebrating our union. Family, close friends and us. That’s all we need. Why not use all that money to buy ourselves a home, a home we can call home!

Please understand that as we become a union, I am also an independent women, I am “me”. I may need my own quite time to regroup. I might want to be alone to read or write. But you should know this already.

Please don’t buy into all the hallmark holidays! Don’t buy me flowers and candy on Valentines day! Instead hug me and kiss me every night! Surprise me every once in a while with a token of your love.

You see, to me, love is simple. Love is cooking for you, feeding your heart and soul. It is you holding me when I had a hard day. It is trusting me and I you. It is laying in bed while listening to the rain.

My love is simple.



Your future wife

Dear Me


Dearest Me,

I am writing to let you know that I love you as much as the sun shines upon our world. You are a beauty made of molecules filled with kindness and love. Although you have your days, I will hold tight even when your thoughts race to the dark side. My love for you is unconditional as it should be. I will always have your back while you go through both worlds. Always remember to smile and allow the Universe to sprinkle you with its cosmic powerful rays as it heals your dead ends.


Your Truly,

Your heart, mind and soul