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The Crazy to my Sanity


He is the apple to my sauce

the chocolate to my milk

the cheese to the crackers


He is the cracks from the quake

the flood from the rainfall

the lightning from the storm


He is the crazy in my sanity

The sanity to my crazy

the sanity in our craze


My plate would be

bare without my

hungry tummy


My cup would be

empty without my

wine and dine


We would be obsolete

without honey and bee’s

will you please…





Speak of Love….


Why do so many speak of love as a sense of suicide or mortality?

I choose not to take my life as I want to experience your beautiful soul.  If you shall walk away from our magnetic vibes then I shall continue to live happily as I was able to experience such true happiness.

I do not want to live a life of mortality as I want to enjoy each and every encounter, each and every second, each day, each moment with your…..

Kind soul,
Comforting embraces,
Hot kisses,
Passionate heart,
Sexy arms,
Positive vibe,