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Love Yourself


Why should I care what you think of me?

Why should I care if my shirt matches my shoes?

Why should I care if you think I’m fat or skinny?

I don’t.

So, when I walk outside and you don’t like my size or the colors of my outfit, don’t look at me! Your opinion of my beautiful self has absolutely no impact on my inner self.

This is what should be taught to our young generation. Instead they are told that they are too this and too that. Who gives a care!

We have one life. Enjoy every second in every situation. Why waste your precious time worrying about “other” people’s opinions of you. They are not living your life. They can’t make you happy!

The only thing that can make you happy is being happy with all of you! This includes your size, your height and what you wear when you leave your house.

Tell the media, the models and everyone else bringing you down to suck it.

Love all of you because you are the only one in your shoes.