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Life is….


Life is a blink of an eye

Layers of fun. 

Scabs of triumphs.

Life speeds through beauty, pausing through pain.

Life ticks by seconds and tocks through years.

Life is immortal.

My love for you is mortal.

#mylife #mygirls

Her Wolf Eyes


He came into mi vida with an innocence. His brown ojos would look straight into my soul. I kept my wolf eyes
under control.

Friends for years, lovers here and there. Yet our souls have always connected.

Today, I stand above my faults, telling you that my wolf eyes want you and you only.

You can walk away, which is the fear I always have. But at least I am now able to tell the truth.

You are in my corazon.

I want to stick by you,
I want to love you,
I want to fly with you.

My wolf eyes are
on you
you only.

-Cami*Star 2015