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Exploding Desire


Millions of pieces of her soul explode as his gaudy lips press upon her impeccant bosom,

As if birthed and suckling to nourish, he sways her to heights of a concealed realm,

Riding along ocean tides as if in a frantic storm,

Drenched with drips of lust as he osculates until dehydrated,

Shooting stars capstone their soiree lulling them to somnolence…




Insatiable is her thirst,
One more drip.
Drips of lust.

Untouchable is her charge,
One step closer.
Boiling inside.

Redness around her mouth,
Quenched with a high.
Drowning further down.

Drugs of lust tie her down,
Watered mouth overflowing.
Growling inside.

Attempting to escape her faith,
Heart pumping.
Sweat dripping.

Forever scarred internally,
Sharpened nails hitting her soul.
Unthinkable lust attempting to bust.

Fling by Chance


Walking in her world of darkness,
Consciously taking it in,
The pain shall remain,

Steps of never ending lust,
Holding it all in,
As some drips from her bust,

One taste and he wants it,
Yet he cannot,
as his own heart
is sewn together
from falling apart,

She continues to walk,
In her own world of darkness,
As she hoped to find her match,
Which was only a fling by chance…