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Lies of a snake


Are lies your new foundation?

a base filled with cracks,

Do you hide behind crystallized

thoughts of your afflictions?

How do you live with inner

thoughts of deception?

A life of ungathered weeds

continuously growing.

Gray shadows linger over

your soul, eating you up

as if your a growing herb

in the garden of Eden.

Refraining from releasing

your snake from your dried

out grass, keep it up and you’ll

be left to wither in the heated sky…..


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Random Marriage Thoughts


Really Billy?
You are going to sit there and tell me how much of a “man” you are, when you won’t give a women a chance!
A chance to get to know you!
A chance to kiss you!
A chance to make love to you!
You let me go because I do not see “marriage” as an option in my life?
What is marriage, but a piece of paper and legal rights?
Do you know what a real “man” is to me?
A man is patient
A man will date you slowly, passionately and joyfully to see if both people in the relationship want to take it a step further.
A man will kiss you like the world will end tomorrow.
A man will only think of marriage if it is a good fit.
You cannot meet someone one day and if they say they don’t want marriage, you toss them away!
Life does not work that way.
You take a leap,
You take a chance,
If it works great,
If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. It just means, they weren’t meant for you.