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You Dreamt.


Did they every tell you would grow up?

Did they ever tell you to dream?

Did they ever tell you to never get high?

You grew to a new you,

You dreamt a dream of no return,

You got high, higher than high,

Did they tell you to smile?

Did they tell you to sing?

Did they tell you to think?

You smiled despite parasites,

You sang to stay afloat,

You thought it’d never end,

But it did.

It ended.

You grew.

You let go.





Single is Me.


I love being single…..

This is the time when my mind is not set on writing about love that is flared in my heart,

This is the time when I am not saddened by another soul eating up my heart only to walk away full, leaving me empty,


This is the time when I get to be me. Full of love for me.

Full of passion on issues that matter to me!

This is the time when my soul writes about personal love to political abandonments.

This is me.
Me to be free.

Free to empower those who don’t know a “me”

She is an Acronym


Cunningly Cute is she, catty can be, but only her mind can see all that can be free……

Authentically Ambitious and rightfully so, how can she not, with all that soul….

Mechanically Marvelous with a twinkle in her eye, laughing all night, all without a mic….

Interestingly Intelligent with ideas on mind, although not always from the beginning of time…..

Lioness of Loudness as her roars pour out, don’t make a sound as she will cast out with a pound…..

Lollypop of Life as many have called her, her bubbly smiles make a sweetened treat taste like some bile…..

Earnestly Earthy with her hands in the dirt, not scared of getting dirty or looks or smirks…..

Racingly Ravenous for a thirst of a real world, take the bad out, to give her that burst…..

Utterly Unique, no one compares, although it will take a lot to get
her soul all bare…..

Incredibly Itchy for a thirst of peace making, go ahead, try it and share…..

Zealous for a life full of Zenith at night, when her sight is alive to Zero in on her life with all her might……


Mind is on rhyme


I know I am happy and at peace when my mind is always on rhyme!  I cannot get out of these lines, I rhyme all the time!  My mind!  All the time!  Is it just me or are there more out there that can see?  See the beauty to be.  To be is like a tree, to stand tall and be free!  I can roam and roam in this world, can you see?  I don’t know, tell me, tell me, are you just like me?

If your like me, tell me, so I can set you free!  Free from corruption, degrade and unworth!  Be free like me, as tall as a tree!  Trees can see, did you know that Mr. Bee?  Oh these Bees, they love to be.  Honey is made from the depths of their veins, crazy, that sounds insane!

I know I am happy and peace when my mind is on rhyme!  I cannot get out of these lines, I rhyme all the time!  My mind!  All the time!  I shall go now, so I can be free with the bees in the wind, no, no, this is not a sin!  Sins of love, all from above?  All from above, this being is seeing with all my souls love.




Love. Hate. World.


Love is peace,
Love is FREEDOM, 
Love is free choice,
The opposite of today’s voices.
Hate is bloodshed,
Hate is Isis killing Christians!
Hate is inequalities, 
Hate is making choices for women,
Hate is you,
Hate is me,
Hate is NONEXISTENT if you…
Sum it,
Suck it up,
Tuck it up,



STOP Fucking up!