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Vision of our Eyes


Our souls are our essence. Our mechanical organs run like a machine every millisecond of the day to keep our blood flowing. Our mind is able to subside as our souls are nourished or contaminated every second of the day. Our eyes can see the beauty or ugliness of our world. What my eyes see and your eyes see may be completely different. When you meet someone who has the same visions as you, don’t ever let them go.



Saturday Meditation


Today’s words, thoughts, and meditation:

Today, take a moment out of your busy life and ask yourself:

1. What are the scents you breath in from the air?
2. How does the scented air expand your awareness?
3. How clean is the air you are breathing in?

Think and remember that the molecular air that we are breathing in are the same ones that have been circulating the Earth from the beginning of time. These are the same molecules that Buddha, Christ, Vishnu, Allah, and all other Gods and Goddesses have engulfed. They were all mighty and you can be almighty as well. All you have to do is