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Speck of Dust


Most days you are simply a voice in this large world,
Words and phrases reminding me of your sorry soul,

Some days, you are a speck of dust floating through the thick air,
Visions of your brown eyes striking me through my heart,

Other days, like today, you are the missing piece to my soul that your soul had to go and


fuck up.

©Cami*Star 2015



Today, oh you Mr. Today.

Today, my heart can finally feel the missing of your soul,

I feel detached,

Something is missing,

I feel lost,


Where are you?

Yesterday I was strong,

But today, I miss you.

Today I want to run to you and pretend the last month never occurred,

Today, I want to call you just to hear your sexy voice,

Today, I want to collapse and let all my tears roam,

Tears that will roam to you, so you can follow the trail back to my heart,.

Tears that you will dry up,

As the sun sets, so will my tears,

As the moon rises, so will my strength.

Today is only today and tomorrow is tomorrow.

where am i? where am i?


where am i?

i am here.

where are you?

you are gone.

i miss you.

where am i?

i am here.

i think of you.

your long gone.

it is life.

where am i?

i am growing…….

where are you?

you are living your life.

do u miss me?

do you think of me?

i know not.

where am i?

i am living without you.

withouth my heart.

withought my love.

withought my laughs.

where am i?

i am here.

i will be here.

i will keep you in. my heart.

you will be a beautiful memory.

where am i?

i am dreaming…..

i am living

and i am growing