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Beautiful Bloom


I sat with the beauty of Mother Earth as a beautiful bird flew over her delightful petals. In a millisecond, the bird shit on her. But the petals didn’t die. They did not lose their beauty. They patiently awaited the rain to wash them clean. And the beautiful flower continued to bloom.


Mother Earth Love


Inspiration of mother earth happened when she touched his delicate feet.  He was broken, barely able to put one front in front of the other.

He was empowered with an internal love. Unconditional Love. Mother Earth Love.

Inspiration of Mother Earth happened when she fed him her fruits. He was left with not a crumb to devour.

He was fed from her internal love. Unconditional Love. Mother Earth Love.

Inspiration of Mother Earth happened when she quenched his thirst. He was dehydrated, ready to hit her skin.

He was drenched from her internal love. Unconditional Love. Mother Earth Love.

Inspiration of Mother Earth happens when we listen and respect her. She needs to be drenched with our love. We need to care for her as we care for our kin.

We need to stop destroying her when all she does is care for us unconditionally! Mother Earth Love.

Earth Day 2016




I can longer take it,
Insistent poundings
falling from the sky
down to the vision of
my eyes,

I can no longer stand it,
Relentless crass drips,
confusing my mind
of earthly rhymes,

I can no longer deal,
Persistent chills
sneaking into my bones
allowing soft covers of
an undertone,

It’s horrid,
Absolutely the most
beautiful wonders
of our sprinkling skies…


Walk with Mother Earth


We stand tall and walk with Mother Earth,
The bottoms of our feet walk upon your surface,
You give us energy to feel all the love in our world,
You are preparing your world for the renewal of our seasons,
You shall bring us ornaments that will delight our eyes,
Sweet odors will please our olfactory nerves,
Hand in hand, I take my kin,
We walk bare on the top of your life….


Dearest Mother Earth….



There she lays, frail, yet free:

Under the blue sky, where heaven is made,

Where the blue sea can take away your pain,

Beside the shiny sun,

Above her prickly skin,

She lays frail yet free:

She is free to be herself under all your trees,

Dearest Mother Earth, I love thee!

I love thee for you have brought me my life, my light.

You hold the secret to all humanity!

We are born frail,

not able see all that we can be,

With your guidance, your non-judgmental aura,

we can be anything we approach to be,

How much love and power you have,

I apologize for all that humanity has done,

they just cannot see the beauty you leave,

They are sinners among your love,

I pray for them as they hurt you my drug,

One day…one day….they shall see,

That you are one, one with us, never against us….

Dearest Mother Earth, I love thee……




I want to awaken to the clean crisp smell of my traces. Cleansed from the bottom up, where the disguise of evil has been threatened by heaven.

I want to walk outside, barefoot as I step through her green hair, without a care, maybe even all bare.

I want to rest under his glow, where I lay in the quietness of my own mind, blind to all that are crimes.

I want to go back to basics where the fresh air brings tickles of delight while stumbling on her is not such a fight.

At night, rest under her shiny lights, at peace knowing all was not in vain, but all are asleep in this peaceful rain.