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A Beautiful Mess


​To advance in life is to let go. It is to be conscious. It is to be spiritually awake. It is to love yourself. It is to be open to life’s challenges. It is to smell the roses. It is to see the sun. It is to have knowledge. Knowledge is truth. Truth is awakening. 

When your inner spirits awaken, your soul awakens. It is a beautiful mess. It is seeing your garbage. It is seeing your own hate. It is a acknowledging your mess. It is throwing out the garbage. It is cleaning your inner house. It is crawling out of the dark shadows and walking into the light. 

It is a beautiful mess. 

It is releasing your inner toxins by crying it out. It is sweating out your negative particles. It is enduring the inner pain to feel renewal. It is walking out your demons. 

It is renewal. 

It is life.

It is your life. 

It is your beautiful mess ❤


Selfless Love



Truly, truly, truly people, you should embrace yourselves for a bounty of a positive life if you can love selflessly. If you ever “feel” possessive, jealous or wanting someone all to yourself, that is your EGO talking! That is NOT love! Love is selfless when you are really wholeheartedly in love with your mate.  It will take you down a road of beauty and freedom! It will allow you to share yourself with no judgments, no complaints and no jealousy! It is truly a hard concept to live by, but if you can do it, it will take you to a higher level of consciousness and your universal vibrations will go up. It is the same as living a positive life, it is a challenge at first, but you must always be conscious as our ego wants to constantly take over!

If you can honestly attempt to experience selfless love with a mate, you will see a whole other world! I challenge you! Let’s get rid of possessiveness, it only leads to “more” wants. It is time to decrease all of our “needs” and live selflessly to bring happiness to others. In turn, your karma will be good and love will come back to you with no ties!

Today, live to bring happiness to your mate, family and friends!


©cami*star 2015