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Darkness robs everything from you,

Kid voices hurt your ears,

Happy smiles piss you off,

Getting OUT of bed,

Is more like fighting-the demons in your head!

Darkness robs the life out of you,

Going outside seems so undane,

Lovers across the way have a way-of making you cringe,

Darkness robs your soul,

Darkness robs your essence,

Darkness drinks you in, leaving you with absolute mortality.

But, of course, I opened your door.

I wanted some more!

I embraced  your lust of red velvet, clinging thrown,

I abandoned the light,

I gave up on the stars,

I gave up on the essence of a beautiful-hope endured life,

You loved me,

You opened a door that would forever change my soul,

I took the door-I took you in,

I gave in to all of your sins,

I lay, on the black-bleaked floor,

Looking up, unto your dark moon-lit night,

Take me!

Take me as I am,

Distorted, unable to think,

Hateful, wanting to kill,

Kill for a thirst of blood,

Blood that will energize me to walk out at night,

Look for you-my dark love of tonight,

You are my life,

my dark, dreadful soul.

Find me,

I am here, awaiting, your dark, lust of love.

Blood dripping down my mouth,

come, kiss me, take me to the dark paradise you promised!

Darkness robs everything from you,

but it did not rob me from you,

I shall await my King,

Await till you take my last inch of a soul.


Creating StRiDeNT


Collage 2014-06-10 21_56_14

You arrived yesterday,

Who are you?

What are you-you rotten soul!

We can smell your STRIDENT,

a mile away as you are

as rotten as

decaying death.

We awoke to a drenched, ear-piercing noise,

STRIDENT as loud as

chalkboard nails.


Sickening STRIDENT you is,

Striking STRIDENT is you,

Sparking STRIDENT you are,

piercing every other sound

out there.

Why have you arrived, shall I say to your dismay?

Did you come to rob every last soul TODAY?

You came screeching into our world,

Dark hearted soul,

your obnoxious screech can be heard across our town,

What did we do to deserve this horrid noise of yours?

The dark soul arose, he took a stand on our land and spoke,

with his dark, deep voice, he replied,

“I  have come to take all hateful souls.

If you can hear my screeching voice,

then you have been telling your people lies”

Poof-They disappeared into thin air!

All politicians are now gone, no more fear!

“If you can smell my rotten-decaying bones,

then you have been the one who has destroyed your world!

You now live in my world! You have created this, you selfish,

selfless soul!  You cared NOT about what your people breathed in,

instead, you cared about greed!  Your people are dead,

just like me!”

BANG-all capitalistic corporations who harmed “her” depleted “her” land vanished into sand!

“STRIDENT is here, I take my stand,

The few left behind,

shall have a second chance in a new world,

Shall you darken that world,

I shall be back to destroy,

every last soul,

as STRIDENT will be the next EPISODE of your light!




Night falls, my eyes awaken,

Time lapse is all i need,

Smell of death is near and close.

Night falls, my wings spread out,

Opening of my veins awaken my heart,

Smell of corpses is near and close.

The moon arises, my senses alert,

Claws tingling out of my palms,

Teeth sharpening, making their mark,

Head turns left, the sight of night,

Then,turns right fright is near.

Heart pumping, beads dropping,

Blood flowing, fingers tapping,

Night falls, you are near,

Dreaded drath is all I hear.

You are born into this death,

Heart pounding,

Lungs breathing,

stomach gurgling,

He awaits you,

The death of all,

Always hiding behind those walls 

Dark Night

Night, Night, Night….


The night is here and you are ever so young,

I’ve awaited you like the new bringing dawn,

I scrimmaged at the sun today, as it was not fun,

You should have come quicker at the sunset of sums,

Night, Night, you are ever so young,

I cringed for your darkness like a vampire for the young,

I’d rather hide today in your deep, deep-sea,

For tomorrow is anew and I will be clean,

Night, Night, you are ever so young,

The stillness of your love is nothing compared,

To the sun who shines abiding the life,

I wanted you to creep on this long-full trife,

But your here now, so let’s have this escapade!

Night, Night, you are ever so young,

Take my sorrows with you and run, run, run,

I want to wake up anew with the sun,

good-bye to you and to all who are undone….