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November is Comfort


November is COMFORT

Cuddling while whistling howls whisper outside

Observing wondrous colors of red, brown, and yellow, falling to the bed of earth

Mother Earth flaking and peeling as it rids itself of past debris

Fall time is exactly as it sounds, fall to the ground to leave for good

Outer appearance changes, although the same, change is good to always stay sane

Rid yourself of yesterday as our Fall leaves do so, begin anew for…….

Tomorrow is beautiful and so are you!!!


Change is November


November is a time of falling leaves and changing colors. It is a time of shorter days and longer nights.

November is also a time in Celtic tradition when all womyn were honored  (Mother’s, Maidens and Crones) for the blood of life. The color red is honored for the blood of womyn.


The Egyptians called November the Month of Isis. She had dismembered her husband Osiris and collected all of his body parts between November 1st-November 3rd. This story is connected with the dismembering of the warmth to to return to darkness.


The Anglo-Saxons called November “Blood Month”, this was a time when they would sacrifice all the livestock that would not be able to make it through winter.

Many different cultures see this month as a time of surrender as we return to the dark days of winter.


Today embrace the chilly nights as your demons fall off of your skin. Embrace the windy days as they can change your inner ways.

Today feel the beginning of change in all inner and outer ways.

From your truly,

Cami *Star 2015