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Her Tray Today


Happiness in hands,

when it goes astray,

Feelings of betray,

I’ve laid down my tray,

crackers and cheese,

take me as you please,

Picky, sticky,

you leave it to be,

You will be free,

unfed like the bee’s,

Pollen is missing,

honey is dissing,

Flowers gone hissing.

I lay the tray,

do not betray,

I shall stay away

and eventually turn gray.




Her mind drips
onto paper
as heated
wax meets
its wick,


Her hand catches
sweet drips of
symbols as her
liquid wax falls
onto her lover,

She is a fume,

-Cami*Star 2016


A Poetic Flame


A poetic flame should
not be touched,
It stings like a million bees attacking the tip of your heart, sensitive vibes flowing through their veins as if drunk with the beating of every human emotion, eyes are pointless in their world as they can see with their vibrations, they can feel every sad tear to every chipper laugh, A poetic flame is a blessing to the outside world, a hot beating heart full of emotion to the poet….


Writing is to Love


I am a writer. I am a lover. I love to write as much as I write of love. I write too much. I think too much. I love too much. I can never stop writing as simple as I can never not love. Pen to paper is my passion as my love can catch you on fire. Loving is my passion as it is my inner fire. It is my awakening, my life, my world. My fire shall never dim as long as I write. If you find a writer, keep her, love him, never let them go. A writer is the most passionate person you shall ever meet. Love a writer, but stray from crossing their wits.  Their heat will rise and you will burn along with their papers. Loving has as much passion as my daily writings. My passion is love. Love is my passion. I am passion.

-Cami*Star 2015


Your Muse


I am a girl
I am a feminist
I am a mama
I am a teacher
I am an activist
I am a strong womyn
I am me
I am dangerous
I am quiet
I am loud
I am independent
I am spiritual
I am political
I am liberal
I am an empath
I am happy
I am grateful
I am tears
I am smiles
I am a reader
I am a poet
I am too nice
I am impulsive
I am chaotic
I am free
I am a lover

I am YOUR muse