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I want to be free.
I want to live a life
with no restraints.
I want to be open.

What stops me?
My thoughts.
My desires.
My wants.
My needs.
My domestication
of our world.

I do not want to worry
what people think
about me.
I do not want to worry
if my lover has
another lover.
I do not want to
care about what
I look like.

What stops me?
My mind.
My feelings.
My heart.
My humanness.

I want to be happy,
with or without money.
I want to live free.



Be Yourself

November is Comfort


November is COMFORT

Cuddling while whistling howls whisper outside

Observing wondrous colors of red, brown, and yellow, falling to the bed of earth

Mother Earth flaking and peeling as it rids itself of past debris

Fall time is exactly as it sounds, fall to the ground to leave for good

Outer appearance changes, although the same, change is good to always stay sane

Rid yourself of yesterday as our Fall leaves do so, begin anew for…….

Tomorrow is beautiful and so are you!!!


On her “A” game


Heals on
Purse on deck
Smile shining
No time for whining….
Jeans tight
Tank on right
Happiness crowning
No time for frowning….
Curls bouncing
Smelling fab
Positive hounding
No time for confounding…

Walking proud
Thinking loud
Into town


I’ve grown so much…


I’ve grown so much within the last 10 years, it’s amazing. I mean, even the person I was a year ago isn’t who I am today. Ten years ago, if you asked me what I wanted in a man, I would have said:

Someone with a car, a house, a good job, financially stable and someone who will wine and dine me.

Wow, that amazes me. How superficial I was. But I am not alone in that type of Ego, selfish, materialistic way of thinking! We are brought up to “think” that we need items to be happy, but this is so far from the truth! If you break down to the core of our hearts, all these materialistic items can never make us happy.

Today, I asked myself what I really want in a man. I surprised myself when I compared what I wanted ten years ago to today.

What I really want in a significant other is:

A man who will love unconditionally, a man with kindness and compassion. I don’t care how much or how little  money you have, I don’t care if you have a car or not. I don’t care how big or little your house is. I do care if you respect your mom and dad, you are careful with your words, and how positive you live your life.

At the end of the day, I want a companion. I want someone who will wipe my tears when I’m sad and run with me when I’m happy. I want a man who will protect me from the scariness of this world. I want someone I can hold at night and wake up to messy hair. My wants today are so simple yet straight from the core of my heart.

And this is when I truly realized how much I’ve grown as an individual and I look forward to growing more.

©camistar 2015


Selfless Love



Truly, truly, truly people, you should embrace yourselves for a bounty of a positive life if you can love selflessly. If you ever “feel” possessive, jealous or wanting someone all to yourself, that is your EGO talking! That is NOT love! Love is selfless when you are really wholeheartedly in love with your mate.  It will take you down a road of beauty and freedom! It will allow you to share yourself with no judgments, no complaints and no jealousy! It is truly a hard concept to live by, but if you can do it, it will take you to a higher level of consciousness and your universal vibrations will go up. It is the same as living a positive life, it is a challenge at first, but you must always be conscious as our ego wants to constantly take over!

If you can honestly attempt to experience selfless love with a mate, you will see a whole other world! I challenge you! Let’s get rid of possessiveness, it only leads to “more” wants. It is time to decrease all of our “needs” and live selflessly to bring happiness to others. In turn, your karma will be good and love will come back to you with no ties!

Today, live to bring happiness to your mate, family and friends!


©cami*star 2015

Positive Soul



Have you ever met someone that has such a positive aura around them, you can’t help, but be enlightened by their eyes?

Have you ever met someone that kisses you so passionately that your heart lights up like a light bulb?

Have you ever met someone that leaves you with a dust of positive energy?

Oh, yes, that person is walking the same steps that we are! I have been enlightened to have such a beautiful soul in my life.

If my enlightened aura shall stick with me, I shall be his goddess of love. I will love you from the inside out. My passion for you is beyond words. The universe shall come crumbling down with the our two powerful souls intermingling.

If my enlightened soul shall leave me for another, I shall be ever so grateful that I was able to experience your soul……..



I want to awaken to the clean crisp smell of my traces. Cleansed from the bottom up, where the disguise of evil has been threatened by heaven.

I want to walk outside, barefoot as I step through her green hair, without a care, maybe even all bare.

I want to rest under his glow, where I lay in the quietness of my own mind, blind to all that are crimes.

I want to go back to basics where the fresh air brings tickles of delight while stumbling on her is not such a fight.

At night, rest under her shiny lights, at peace knowing all was not in vain, but all are asleep in this peaceful rain.