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Simple Love ❤


There are many single people in the world who ask, “when will I find my love?”

There are couples who have been together for a very long time and wonder, “where did our love go”.

We all want love! But the real question is, “what is love”? Everyone has their own meaning on what love is because it really is not measurable.

Some think “love is hard” when in fact love is very simple. Love is always in front of you, but you need to open your eyes to see it!

To me, “being” in love is:

-holding your lovers hand
-cooking a meal 
-morning kisses
-goodnight kisses
-serving him/her food
-watching a certain movie you’re NOT into just to be next to him/her
-drinking coffee together
-going to parties together
-going to the movies together
-listening to them
-showing them your craft
-crying on their shoulder
-holding them when their sad, stressed or overwhelmed
-smiling at him/her
-dancing goofy together
-laughing together
-making up after a fight
-surprising them with a gift
-giving a massage
-taking them on a date
-being patient

Love is everywhere. We give love freely throughout our day to our lovers, our families and even to strangers. Love can overpower negativity in a second.

Today,  choose love. Be love. See love.




One Positive Day


How about for one day, we just stop bashing one another! I’m so sick and tired of hearing and reading about hateful words. All these humans in the world complain about x,y, and z, but they don’t realize they’re part of the problem!

I’m so serious! I would love for everyone to be positive just for one day. For example, instead of caring what celebrities look like without make-up, instead give them props to be able to be themselves in a judgmental world. Or instead of saying how fat a guy/girl is, maybe finding something beautiful about them. The biggest one is, instead of complaining how jacked up your life is, how about looking at all your blessings. I mean, c’mon, you’re alive, right?

Our world, your world, your sense of well-being will NEVER change unless you change your thoughts!

I don’t get why this idea isn’t even taught in school’s! Instead, kids are taught to rat out their bullies. How about working with these bullies, giving them some spiritual guidance instead of suspending them.

Our whole system is backward thinking. We don’t try to help anyone be better humans, instead we bash, bash, bash. We imprison the souls who are suffering and they only come out worse! We don’t reward college grads with awesome jobs, instead we kill them (including myself) with student loans only to become enslaved to money.

All these single mom’s in our world don’t get high fives, instead they get criticized and made to feel guilty because they are doing it alone instead of doing it with a partner ( which is some kinda great thing in our society). Instead we reward married couples who stay together for the sake of their kin when in reality they may be miserable. Geesh!

Let’s break these backward thoughts and ideas! Let’s move to a new world! A world that is full of positive radiance. Where everyone is beautiful and nothing is ugly.

I know, I know, wishful thinking, but maybe, maybe one day before I leave mother earth we will move closer to love rather than hate.

Who knows.