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You Dreamt.


Did they every tell you would grow up?

Did they ever tell you to dream?

Did they ever tell you to never get high?

You grew to a new you,

You dreamt a dream of no return,

You got high, higher than high,

Did they tell you to smile?

Did they tell you to sing?

Did they tell you to think?

You smiled despite parasites,

You sang to stay afloat,

You thought it’d never end,

But it did.

It ended.

You grew.

You let go.





C-Virus Life


It has been about 4 weeks of quarantine during this “coronavirus 2020” that has hit our reality. A worldly demise. A pandemic!

Here I am stand in America. The land of the free. The land of freedom. The United States, yet we are not so “united” as expected.

It is unreal. I would have never thought! I mean, a war amongst leaders, okay, believable, but a war against a minuscule virus??? Unreal.

This is today.

Our reality.



Amongst of all humanity.

Happily, I’m making the most of my situation. I have been taking advantage of waking up late, drinking coffee all morning, not wearing make-up and embracing the slow life!

I love taking walks whenever I want, homeschooling my 2nd grader and watching my highschool senior work independently. 

Honesty, I feel like I’m in a dream come true, but you have to remember that each one of us has a different “reality”!

Our “Personal eye” IS WHAT WE SEE and feel.  All I can say is that I have have no problem with my life and my reality because I manifest the truth. My truth.

We are on a disproportionate reality and we are in the middle of a huge world change, but I leave a note to remind you to enjoy your life.

Enjoy the present moment. Embrace what you are given. We are only given one life.



Random Marriage Thoughts


Really Billy?
You are going to sit there and tell me how much of a “man” you are, when you won’t give a women a chance!
A chance to get to know you!
A chance to kiss you!
A chance to make love to you!
You let me go because I do not see “marriage” as an option in my life?
What is marriage, but a piece of paper and legal rights?
Do you know what a real “man” is to me?
A man is patient
A man will date you slowly, passionately and joyfully to see if both people in the relationship want to take it a step further.
A man will kiss you like the world will end tomorrow.
A man will only think of marriage if it is a good fit.
You cannot meet someone one day and if they say they don’t want marriage, you toss them away!
Life does not work that way.
You take a leap,
You take a chance,
If it works great,
If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. It just means, they weren’t meant for you.