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Respect Yourself


I constantly read poems on how one would keep going back to their lovers even after their heart was broken. All for one more kiss. One more hug. One more chance. Fuck that. You break my heart and you’re screwed. I will keep going forward and never look back.

Like the typical saying goes (with my twist). Hurt me once, shame on YOU, Hurt me twice, shame on ME, Hurt me a third time, it’s my damn fault for even allowing a third and now my heart is cold as ice.

It’s all about respecting yourself. Respect yourself enough to not allow another human being to hurt you.


The Golden Paper


She found a soul she connected with. Intellectual conversations went on when these two came together. Late night discussions would go on for hours despite the sleep they needed.

She trusted him and he her. Then he took a step that would test their strong connection. The one thing she should have never done was give him a treasure that she worked hard for. Despite it only being a “piece of paper”, it had worth. He promised to borrow her treasured paper to look at it, to use it and he diligently used his words to convince her. He was able to borrow such a treasure as he made it a point to promise to bring it back the next day.

The next day came and he did not return it. Although he promised to have it back, he did not bring it back. Of course she was dissapointed. With her trust in him she still believed his words.
He said he would stop by the next day to drop it off, but he did not show up. He continued to use words to make her believe he would in fact bring it back, but one day turned into two, two into three and before you knew it, months had passed.

Being a compassionate soul, she overlooked it as she enjoyed the friendship and spark they shared. She continued to believe in his words that he would eventually bring it back in due time.

Time passed and slowly her trust in him began to mend.

He had an emergency as he expressed to her. He needed another piece of paper that had worth to exchange for the gold he had once sold. He needed that piece of gold back so he could participate in his nightly meditation. Once again he promised to give her back her paper by the end of the night. And he obliged.  He of course proved his word was true for this situation.

These two have an interesting connection. They are based on friendship, trust and respect. Although, he still had not returned the first noted paper, she believed in him.

He came to her again a few months later stating he had another emergency. He reminded her of the gold situation. He explained that it was the same situation except this time, he needed to get back a bigger piece of gold. Once again, he promised to give her back the noted paper by the end of the day.

What do you think happened? It could go either way. But the respect and trust she shared with him allowed her to be a giving friend. Expecting nothing in return except her borrowed property.

As they say, “three times a charm”, in this situation, it is, “three times does harm”. The story has come to an end.
His promises, his words now mean nothing to her. She trusted him and believed in him and apparently this means nothing. That night he did not return her precious paper, the next day he did not return it nor the next. He had excuses and did not hold up to his word.

The moral of the story is, once someone breaks the trust, it will never change. We tend to get caught up in the beautiful parts of relationships, but when a friend cannot respect your golden treasures, they most likely never will.

Lesson learned.


Dearest Mother Earth….



There she lays, frail, yet free:

Under the blue sky, where heaven is made,

Where the blue sea can take away your pain,

Beside the shiny sun,

Above her prickly skin,

She lays frail yet free:

She is free to be herself under all your trees,

Dearest Mother Earth, I love thee!

I love thee for you have brought me my life, my light.

You hold the secret to all humanity!

We are born frail,

not able see all that we can be,

With your guidance, your non-judgmental aura,

we can be anything we approach to be,

How much love and power you have,

I apologize for all that humanity has done,

they just cannot see the beauty you leave,

They are sinners among your love,

I pray for them as they hurt you my drug,

One day…one day….they shall see,

That you are one, one with us, never against us….

Dearest Mother Earth, I love thee……